Holding Out Hope?

There’s an outside shot the Packers can make the playoffs – still would Love to see the backup QB and what’s in store for the future…

Many, if not most, fans want magic to happen and have Green Bay slide into the last playoff spot. While that would be cool, there’s no point unless it ends with the Packers bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. Sure the rebuttal to that is, “Can’t win it all if you don’t make the playoffs.” Words used by every Packers fan over the last 12 seasons, which each season has ended, how?

There’s an opportunity for the Packers to use the 4 remaining games as building blocks for the future. Also an option, they could make the playoffs while building for that future.

Current Status~ Green Bay currently holds the 10th seed in the NFC. They’re 2.5 games back of the 7th (final playoff spot). Also, as of now, Green Bay would have the 14th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, which would net a fairly solid player in round 1.

Rooting Interests~

  • San Francisco @ Seattle (SF already won)
  • NY Giants @ Washington (whoever loses, we want to lose out)
  • Detroit @ NY Jets (the Lions sit ahead of GB in the playoff rankings)
  • Pittsburgh @ Carolina
  • Atlanta @ New Orleans


 Rams Packers
 OffenseDefense OffenseDefense
Rush30th5th 12th30th
Pass25th21st 16th5th
Total31st13th 15th18th
Points29th (16.8)16th (22.8) 23rd (20.2)21st (23.2)
TakeT-23rd  T-15th 
GiveT-28th  T-19th 
Diff.30th (-6)  T-18th (-2) 

These teams are virtual carbon copies. Each came into the season with Super Bowl aspirations and both have underwhelmed. The Packers had the 1-seed each of the previous two seasons, and the Rams are the defending champions. The rankings of each of these teams’ in the above categories shows similarity as well. Finally, the Rams rank 30th (-78) in point differential, where Green Bay falls in the 25th (-39) spot.

Baker Mayfield did provide some magic as the Rams came from behind to win vs. Las Vegas, last week, 17-16. The last time Baker came to Lambeau, he had a chance to lead a game-winning drive but ended up throwing an interception (his 4th of the game) on the final drive to ice it for the Packers. Green Bay is the better team, and has quite a bit more to play for, so you’d like to think that’d get them the W — also, all-world DT Aaron Donald is OUT for the game on Monday night. Are the stars aligning?

Rams 20
Packers 27 (-7)

Season: 6-7
Overall: 86-49

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