Recapping the Recap???? Finally football is here!

After a 2-month hiatus (my longest) I figured it’s time…football is back!!!  However, let’s clean up the Brewers and Bucks before getting to the Pack.

The Brewers absolutely nailed the trade deadline.  Of course there’s a chance these prospects won’t turn out, but Lucroy needed to be traded regardless as his value was and never would have been higher than August 1st, 2016.  By packaging Jeremy Jeffress with Jonathan Lucroy the Brewers were able to extract Lewis Brinson (21st overall rated prospect by – RF), Luis Ortiz (62nd overall prospect – RHP), and a player to be named later.  Guessed by fellow blogger Disciples of Uecker:; believed to be Michael Matuella.  Matuella was projected to be the 1st overall draft pick in 2015 before having Tommy John surgery, and a worthy gamble if you ask me.  With the advancement of Tommy John surgeries and how guys are coming back even better than before the injury, I believe it’s worth the risk as Brinson and Ortiz could easily be the “real deals.”

With all of this said, arguably the best value-trade in all of baseball would be the return garnered by Stearns for LHP Will Smith – the Giants gave up Phil Bickford (64th overall prospect – RHP) and Andrew Susac, a solid catching prospect who’s 26 years old and the Brewers have control until 2021.  That leaves them with plenty of time to see if the former 2nd round selection by San Francisco can turn into a contributing piece or a perennial backup to likely catching incumbent Jacob Nottingham.

No matter how I slice it, the Brewers gave up solid talent (Jonathan Lucroy, Will Smith, and Jeremy Jeffress) and got potentially three top 100 prospects and an everyday Catcher all in control until 2021.  Thumbs up David Stearns, A+ in my book…for now.  (Keeping track, as of August 4th, the Brewers are on track for 73 wins….my guess was 74).

Moving on to the Bucks.  There’s been a lot of money splashed around which would normally help a team like Milwaukee (small market), however with the NBA having a minimum of 90% cap, it could kill a team like the Bucks.  While rebuilding it’d be a perfect time to let other teams sign free agents to stupid money while Cream City focuses on developing their young talent.  Extending Miles Plumlee, signing Dellavedova, and Mirza Teletovic is all huge money and I hope it doesn’t come to bite my team in the ass…and this is all money NOT committed to Giannis and/or Jabari.  Heading into the season, as of now, the goals are simple:

  1. Continue to progress Giannis and Jabari
  2. Trade Monroe if value is there (he’s just not a fit, I was wrong there)
  3. Gain playoff experience and hell, win a series?

Ok, if you’re still reading (probably should start with the Packers) I appreciate it and here’s the good stuff.  Camp has officially started, Eddie Lacy is still absent a 6-pack, meanwhile every other player asked to get in better shape, DID!  Let’s weigh-in, shall we? (I couldn’t resist):

  1. Datone Jones switched positions to OLB and while leaner and quite productive on tape (according to the experts) will have my attention this preseason.
  2. Aaron Rodgers apparently decided to go vegan and looks good. Hopefully he didn’t give any toughness/endurance away by dropping to 215-218lbs.
  3. Richard Rodgers – I’ve been one of his fans since the 2015 mock drafts began – is down to 258lbs and looks quite thin, with a much quicker first-step.

I’m not to firm on many things, yet, but one of those things is I believe Ted Thompson finally found his true middle linebacker (MLB or ILB) in Blake Martinez (4th round selection, 131st overall).  From all of the reports and what my eyes saw on Family Night, that kid is ready and can play.  Also, from all of the interviews I’ve heard him do, he’s a sharp cat with a good head on his shoulders.  Jason Spriggs (2nd round 48th overall) could be legit too, but I’m hoping he doesn’t have to play much during the regular season.

Wrapping up, as I could go on for days and days, in the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night I’m looking for:

  1. Kenny Clark’s (1st round pick, 27th overall) explosiveness off the snap of the ball.
  2. Blake Martinez to continue his solid play, aka reading the play quick, first step, etc.
  3. Davante Adams to catch a pass (man I had high-hopes for him coming in and he might get cut).
  4. IF Brett Hundley plays, for him to pick up where he left off last year’s preseason.

That’s about it…remember it’s like training camp for me too J  If you have feedback or comments, again I always welcome them!