Why you should hope a QB falls to Green Bay @ 27!?!?

I plan on that being the longest hiatus for this blog as the summer (obviously not referring to the weather) approaches and can comment regarding the Brewers and NBA draft/off-season.

Now, to address the title of this blog.  Why you should hope Patrick Lynch (QB – Memphis) is due to a few factors:

  1. Although I’ve been critical of Thompson of late, the infrastructure of his plan (draft/develop) is the best. With that plan in place, hoarding draft picks is the best way to accumulate young, cheap talent.
  2. This is a very rich and deep draft for Defensive linemen. With the early retirement of BJ Raji, the Packers now have a reason to add beef to the D line.  I believe they were going to already but not it’s an even bigger need.
  3. The trades by Los Angeles (that’s going to take some time getting used to still) and Philadelphia shows that teams will pay a king’s ransom for the 1st and 2nd overall picks, respectively.

With all of these factors I hope the Packers can find a trade partner and trade back.  The reason to hope Lynch falls to the Packers is that may introduce an opportunity for a team to enter trade talks with Green Bay, aka Denver or Cleveland.  With the deep draft of Defensive Linemen, the Packers’ best chance to stock pile talent at a needed area would be able to trade back and add another two picks in the middle rounds (3rd through 5th rounds).  That would be the best case scenario.

If you’re looking for me to elaborate from my first NFL Draft posting by guessing who the Packers will select, I’ll give you the names that have been mocked to the Packers at 27, then tell you who I’d want (ideally a trade back) and who I think Green Bay will select (if no trade back).

NFL.com has 4 analysts mocking players to Green Bay in the first round, Javon Hargrave (DT – South Carolina St.), and the 3 others say Reggie Ragland (ILB – Alabama).  Ragland seems like a great and obvious choice, however after watching the National Title game he appeared slow and thick, more of a tweener body type for what the Packers need/want.

Walter football says Vernon Butler (DT – Louisiana Tech), he also has a possible pick of Jonathan Bullard (DT – Florida), as well as a possible trade down J

My guess???  It comes with an IF.  IF Paxton Lynch is available when Green Bay picks, I expect a trade back which would be awesome.  However, since that’s not likely I’ll leave you with 2 choices, not a cop out but I’ll go on record saying the Packers will select Andrew Billings, DT from Baylor.  There’s also a chance Taylor Decker (OT – Ohio St.) could be selected, but I’ll officially say Billings.

Round 1 is great but Friday (rounds 2 and 3) and Saturday (rounds 4-7) are more fun for us draft geeks.

Thanks for reading!  I’m open to comments/convo!