An Absolute Mess

Well what an awful game.  The Vikings are missing their starting QB, didn’t have their Hall of Fame running back, were without their best D Lineman and 2nd cornerback, and still got the W versus Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  I wish I could say “I’m surprised,” but the fact of the matter is nothing’s changed from last year.  Offensive scheme is predictable, there’s no design for anyone to get open, the QB rarely lines up under center, and Rodgers’ ego is in full force.

Sure the Vikings have a good defense, but what’s the point in having an all-world QB if he’s not going to best those defenses?  If you’ve paid attention to local sports media at all this week you’ve heard the numbers.

  • Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had a 100+ QB rating in 14 straight games.
  • Rodgers is 1-6 in his last seven primetime games, with the lone win coming on a Hail Mary.


Amongst many other stats I could  spew out (and believe me, if you’d like me to I’ll be more than happy to), but until this team shows it can win in the clutch (key word being WIN), I can’t believe this team is capable of winning another Lombardi trophy.

The Vikings may have an issue winning any of their next 3 games, but if they somehow win 2 of those, they’re on track to win the division and possibly earn a BYE in the postseason.  As for Green Bay, aside from blowing it up and rebuilding, this team seems destined for another postseason berth ending in choking again.

Enter Detroit, a team (to borrow a line from NBA Analyst, Bill Simmons) that being stuck in neutral would be considered a compliment, to Lambeau Field for a Noon Sunday kick to renew the “rivalry.”  Stafford and his Offensive Coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter (yes that’s his real name) came into Lambeau last year and bested the Packers.  Not sure if you remember that game, but I’ll refer you to my blog post that I believe was title “9 Consecutive Punts?!?!”  Green Bay’s defense seems to have found its groove to stopping the run, but needs major help in the pass defense department since Sam Shields went down with a concussion.  Diggs smoked Randall all night with only a few days’ practice with his QB.  Look for the Packers to get after Stafford, hopefully Clay and Datone are healthy enough to play, but Nick Perry should have another solid game.  As tough as it is for me to pick the Packers to win, it’s almost irresponsible if I don’t.

Detroit is banged up, might be missing their top 2 defenders (Deandre Levy and Ziggy Ansah), and even a porous showing of 20 points by the Packers should get the job done.  Then again, that would’ve won the game last Sunday night.

So to recap – the Packers have major problems and I don’t think there’s a fix that can occur this season that will result in a Super Bowl trophy.  The defense seems to be in top 10 form, but with a QB way off his mark (I don’t feel like starting a war as to naming the reason), and an offense that my 1 year-old daughter can predict…I don’t see this team fully dominating any teams this season.  Then again if it happens, take my word for it “It’s a mirage.”

Go Pack Go!

Lions 16
Packers 24

*overall record now 10-10*

New Info, New Pick!

I’ve learned this morning that two of the Vikings’ defensive starters have been ruled out for tomorrow night’s game: Sharrif Floyd (DT); Xavier Rhodes (CB).  While Rhodes is an adequate corner, with good size he seemed like a viable option to cover an obvious non-100% Jordy Nelson.


Meanwhile, Minnesota will likely feel the absence of Floyd.  He’s a premier interior defensive lineman in all the NFL and can effect both the running and passing game.  I also believe he’s a better player than Malik Jackson (he signed a big time $ deal with Jacksonville in the offseason and was supposed to wreak havoc v Lane Taylor), and could’ve caused an issue for Lane Taylor, but not to worry now.  The main focus for the offensive line is now to handle Linval Joseph, their other great defensive tackle.


With this newfound information, I’m updating my pick to…


Packers 27

Vikings 17


*I never kept a running total, or score of my weekly predictions.  Here they are.  I never picked an outcome for week 1 last year, but I’ll play it safe and say I’m confident that I would’ve picked the Pack to best Chicago, at least heading into the season.  Since last year was so puzzling, each and every game, I’ll actually take some pride in picking .500.  With the correct pick of last week, my record is 10-9.

You’ve got some ‘splainin to do!

Here we go…first off, Josh Sitton.  I never addressed it, however it’s as puzzling now as it was when word leaked the Packers cut him.  If the rumors are true – that Ted and Mac were worried about him creating a problem in the locker room if they weren’t going to discuss a contract extension – there’s a few ways to look at it.

  1. It’s awfully dangerous for the Packers’ brain trust to assume such a reaction…why?
    1. Other players may lose confidence in the organization’s abilities/actions
    2. Sitton may not have reacted negatively, thus being pointless to cut him
  2. There’s a reason a well-run team would think their own, homegrown, player would react in such a way so the move had to be made.
  3. The Packers truly thought that Taylor was the better option over Sitton
    1. Not necessarily now, but they did extend him in the offseason and it’s a priority for him to get playing time.
      1. Devil’s advocate – if that’s the case, why wasn’t Sitton moved or cut prior and why didn’t Taylor begin with the 1st team all offseason and preseason?

Any way, it was a puzzling move because a trade did not commence and you’d have to assume (dangerous yes I know) based on the contract Sitton garnered from Chicago that he had trade value, at least from them.


In the end, I still like the overall philosophy that Thompson conducts and it’s always better to rid yourself of a player a year or two early rather than hang on a year or two too long (see Donald Driver).


Not as puzzling, but still stemming from the above situation was the extension of Left Tackle David Bakhtiari.  The Packers locked him up for 4 years with a deal worth in excess of $50M.  That’s a substantial amount of money for a premier player at any position, let alone – what I deem – an average player that seemed to have his replacement drafted (Jason Spriggs).  Looking ahead it begs the question Is TJ Lang a priority or have a future on this team?  I sure hope so as I think he’s a top 5 Guard in the NFL and is only 28 years old, and has 3-5 solid years left.  Either way, looking at it from a pure number and emotionless view, the Packers are rotating their offensive line with youth and it looks to be strong in the years to come.


Ok, now on to week 2 and the Minnesota Vikings’ Super Bowl…the grand opening of their new stadium (US Bank Stadium) and of course they must host the Packers.  There’s plenty of reasons to be confident as a Packer fan heading into this matchup, but I’m willing to risk being called negative and “not a true Packer fan” for stating otherwise.


First off, the Vikings possess a better defense than Jacksonville and that defense has seen this Packers’ offense a few times…so the element of surprise and unscouted looks will be at a minimum.  Minnesota has always been a pain in the a$$ to play as beating the Packers is their EVERYTHING.


Second, the Packers held TJ Yeldon (Jaguars Running Back) to under 2 yards/carry and AP didn’t do much better at Tennessee last week.  I put that more as a testament to the poor play-calling and timing of play calls by Gus Bradley’s staff (Jacksonville’s head coach) than the Packers’ rush defense.  However, if the Packers are able to contain and stop Peterson, that will be a huge step in the right direction to getting this defense to a top 5 overall in the NFL, which is needed to win the Super Bowl


The Vikings may not have decided on a starting quarterback yet, but that doesn’t mean losing Sam Shields (concussion) is meaningless.  Minnesota has dangerous wide receivers (Diggs and Johnson) that can make plays and Kyle Rudolph at Tight End to open the middle of the field in the passing game.


Of course I have to preface this next statement to prove I’m a “true Packer fan,” but I hope I’m wrong in my prediction.  The Packers are the better team, with more talent, that’s used to winning.  However, I think with this being a game that’s been circled on the Vikings’ and all of their fans’ calendars since April, they make 1-2 more key plays with their fast, physical, smart defense and win a tough battle.


Packers 23

Vikings 24


*Again, I hope I’m wrong and will gladly admit I am if that’s the case.*

Week 1, 2016

Although I gave my season predictions, I didn’t give insight into the Week 1 matchup v. the Bucks of the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They’re the up-and-coming team in the NFL, just like the Bucks are (hopefully) the hot new team coming in!  Anyway, I digress…

The Jaguars have 2 Wide Receivers that will test this Packers secondary; Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson.  I believe they’re both 26 years old or younger and each had over 1,000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns last season.  Sam Shields, Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins and company will be tested – and I think they pass the test.  It’s been quite some time, but this Packers’ secondary could be the best since Charles Woodson donned #21 and played corner.  The big issue is the defensive line, not only how thin it is in depth, but talent too.  Keep an eye on Blake Martinez, #50, Middle Linebacker…he’s shown all preseason and in training camp he’s capable of being a solid player at a position of need.

Eventually I’ll get into the whole “cutting Sitton” issue, but another time.  To keep it easy, and on topic….keep an eye on Jacksonville’s running back TJ Yeldon (the HB that followed Lacy out of Alabama), as the lack of depth on Green Bay’s DLine could be an issue.  I think the overall talent of Green Bay beats out the excitement of Jacksonville.  It should be a close game but I believe the final score will give Packer fans reason to believe this team is truly talented…

Green Bay 31
Jacksonville 20

Just In Time…

Another year of Green Bay Packer football is finally upon us!  Another year with HOF quarterback play is expected…however, until the Packers show me a reason to believe they’re capable of winning a Super Bowl (and no, because they won it 6 years ago isn’t applicable) I can’t realistically believe they’ll actually accomplish the goal.  I’ve been a huge supporter of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy since they’ve arrived and the “success” has shown that building through the draft and staying young while adding a free agent here and there is a great way to give yourself a chance each and every year, it’s only garnered one championship.

After seeing Aaron Rodgers develop from 2005 to 2007 behind Brett Favre and seeing his improvement, essentially each season since starting, it’s easy to say he’s the best QB in the NFL.  My only issue with that statement is Why does he only have 1 Super Bowl ring?  One can blame Thompson for not building a strong enough defense around him to win…another can point a finger at McCarthy for going soft in the NFC title game at Seattle in January of 2015.  However, in 4 of Rodgers’ six playoff losses, he’s been outplayed by the opposing quarterback (passer rating) and hasn’t played to near the level that I’ve come to expect from him and he gets a pass from most fans for it.  Like his predecessor (Favre), Aaron won his only Super Bowl with a top 5 Defense (based on total yards; Brett had the #1 overall D while Rodgers had the 5th in 2010) – and I’m confident in saying he’ll need a top 5 defense to win a Super Bowl this year.

After dissecting all of the preseason games, I believe this defense will be improved overall from last year (15th overall) which gave up 20 points to a very good Arizona offense, on the road, but choked in overtime just like the year prior – I don’t think they’ll finish in the top 5 thus I don’t think the Packers will win the Super Bowl.  IF THAT’S THE OUTCOME, AGAIN, MAJOR CHANGE MUST OCCUR.  Then again, many fans are happy being “relevant” or “having a shot” every year.  If Quarterback is that important to winning titles, and Rodgers is that great, shouldn’t we as a fan base expect to be a dynasty?  Hell, a team has won 3 rings in a decade in each decade since the NFL began and time is running out, so why not the Packers???

Here’s my season and playoff predictions!  Have fun and thank God football is back!

West Seattle 11 5 Oakland 8 8
Arizona 10 6 Kansas City 8 8
Los Angeles 8 8 San Diego 7 9
San Francisco 2 14 Denver 6 10
East New York 9 7 New England 12 4
Washington 8 8 Miami 9 7
Dallas 7 9 New York 8 8
Philadelphia 5 11 Buffalo 8 8
South Tampa Bay 9 7 Houston 10 6
Carolina 9 7 Jacksonville 9 7
New Orleans 8 8 Indianapolis 8 8
Atlanta 5 11 Tennessee 7 9
North Green Bay 12 4 Pittsburgh 11 5
Minnesota 11 5 Cincinnati 9 7
Detroit 5 11 Cleveland 7 9
Chicago 4 12 Baltimore 6 10
6Arizona @ 3New York 6Jacksonville @ 3Houston
5Minnesota @ 4Tampa Bay 5Cincinnati @ 4Oakland
New York @ Seattle Houston @ Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay @ Green Bay Cincinnati @ New England
Seattle @ Green Bay Pittsburgh @ New England
Seattle 27 New England 20