Christmas Miracle?

Review: Packer 24; Rams 12~ one of the more complete games played in quite some time, even though Los Angeles may be the worst team in the NFL, Green Bay came through and did what they were supposed to.

  • Time of Possession- Green Bay didn’t run the ball all that well, but the key was they stuck to it. While averaging 3.9 yards per carry, they ultimately won the ToP by a considerable margin.
  • End of Game- the Packers got the ball with 8:51 left and never gave it back. That was the best drive in years, given the totality of the drive and a game-ender.
  • Young Wideouts- Doubs (#87) can catch, a hands catcher. Reminds me of Cris Carter. Watson (#9) is showing signs of becoming an all-around wide receiver.

Current Standing: 10th seed in NFC~ Green Bay needs quite a bit of help to reach the postseason, and if Green Bay makes the playoffs they better win the Super Bowl. This fan base gets off on “having fun” aka Making the Playoffs and having a “chance.” What needs to happen in order for the Packers to make the playoffs:

  • Win out: @ Miami; v Minnesota; v Detroit
  • Washington must lose at least 2 of their last three: @ 49ers; v Browns; v Cowboys
  • if Washington wins 2+, then NY Giants must lose all 3 remaining: @ Vikings (losing by 10 as this is being written); v Colts; @ Eagles


 GB Off.(rank)vs.Mia D(rank)
Pts20.520 24.626
 GB DMia Off.
Rush148.929 96.927
Pts22.415 24.69
Diff.(3)T-23rd (2)T-19th
  • One Key- Green Bay has the advantage when it comes to their passing offense vs. Miami’s pass D. Rodgers could take advantage of spreading the ball around, especially dumping it off to Jones and Dillon in the flats to really open the entire field. If they can commit to the run, and get some slants to Doubs and Lazard, lookout for Watson to take the top off and get some big plays.
  • Great matchup- Miami’s 3rd-ranked passing offense vs. Green Bay’s 2nd-ranked pass D. Now, in Green Bay’s favor, teams haven’t really had to pass against them because the Packers can’t stop the run and teams are usually winning during the game and run the ball to finish the game, but it’s still something to watch. Green Bay gives up a lot of 3rd & longs, and with the Dolphins’ deep threats, Tyreek Hill (#10) and Jaylen Waddle (#17), are both super speedsters and are in scoring position regardless of where Miami snaps the ball.

True Strength~ last week I brought up the importance of Team Point Differential. This seems to hold true, so how good (or bad) is each team?

  • GB -27 (T-19th) with Atlanta
  • Mia +1 (T-14th) with Las Vegas

Miami’s point differential shows they’re not as good as their record may indicate, yet being tied with 6-8 Las Vegas in this category may be a bit more accurate. While Green Bay is 6-8 and tied with Atlanta, who’s 5-9, and also just a flat out bad team.

Packers 23
Dolphins 31 (-4)

Season: 7-7
Overall: 87-49

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