Schedule Release- somehow this is News.

The schedule was released last night, furthering the attention-hold the NFL has on sports fans.  I’m not the biggest fan of Commissioner, Roger Goodell, however since he’s been in charge the NFL has become a 12 month business.  Every year I’m reminded of this by the Schedule Release, and the attention it garners.

Like the previous coach did, let’s break this down into quarters.


Week 1 @ Chicago (Thur)
Week 2 v Minnesota
Week 3 v Denver
Week 4 v Philadelphia (Thur)

Week 5 @ Dallas
Week 6 v Detroit (Mon)
Week 7 v Oakland
Week 8 @ Kansas City

Week 9 @ Los Angeles Chargers
Week 10 v Carolina
Week 12 @ San Francisco
Week 13 @ New York Giants

Week 14 v Washington
Week 15 v Chicago
Week 16 @ Minnesota (Mon)
Week 17 @ Detroit

Essentially, rule any primetime home game as a Win: Weeks 4; 6. Adversely rule any primetime road games as losses: Weeks 1; 8; 16.  So now it’s about when the Packers match-up vs particular opponents.  If the Packers, typically, get off to a rough start, that doesn’t bode well as they have 5 of their first 7 games at home meaning 6 of their last 9 on the road…again, interesting, but the scheduling didn’t do many favors as the Packers have a distinct advantage of home games late in the season – time will tell.

Next week, the draft!  Always fun!

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