Much Ado About Nothing?

With the Bucks being the best kind of boring possible—absolutely dominating the entire league and clinching the best-record with 3 games remaining—it left all of the attention to the Brewers.  Yet again, not to the fault of the Brew Crew, the attention quickly shifted to the Packers and their uber-talented Quarterback.  A piece by Bleacher Report’s, Tyler Dunne (former Packers’ beat writer) came out and slandered former Packers’ coach, Mike McCarthy, and Aaron Rodgers.

Regardless your opinion of each, the article can only cause damage—even if 100% false.  I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve at least heard about the article and likely Rodgers’ response, along with James Jones’, Davante Adams’, and a few others.  Either way, as a diehard Packer fan, you hope this is all used as proper motivation and can bring this team together.  However, the timing of the article might’ve been as “good” as possible.  It came on the forefront of the team reporting for some training, it allowed for an immediate response, instead of having it sit and dwell for months.  The other nice thing is the draft is quickly approaching and as always, will be very important.

We’re 2 weeks from the NFL Draft, and Green Bay still has a few holes that can be addressed in the draft, with a real expectation that rookies could fill those holes adequately enough to get this team back to the playoffs.  Yes the goal is to win the Super Bowl, however, with a new Head Coach, and essentially an entire rebuild finished (aside from the QB), major progress would be welcomed with hopes of winning a Super Bowl in the next 4 years.  It’s what we as fans have been struck down to expecting (realistically).  See you again in 2 weeks for the draft!

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