Draft Night Is Here!

It’s here, the first of 3 days of the NFL Draft, the best method to build a team.  Again, drafting is always about the future- no one should expect contributions (major) from rookies.  Yes they happen, however that’s not the primary reason to take a player.  When looking at the teams that have had long-term “success,” yes I’ll include the Packers in that grouping for the sake of conversation…those teams have focused on acquiring draft picks vs. trading them away for current assets.

The Packers enter the 2019 NFL Draft with 10 draft selections, two in the 1st round tonight.  Based on everything I’ve read and have deciphered, it seems this draft has 3-4 players that could be studs (Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, and Josh Allen) and then a bunch of players in the 2nd tier.  As unpopular as it was under Ted Thompson, trading back (if getting the proper value) may be the best option as the Packers sit at 12 and could garner the same value/quality of player at, let’s say, 20 while netting additional draft equity.

I won’t be attempting to guess what the Packers will do, there are too many variables, as well as players they could take.  However, there’s been some talk (not as recent) that Ed Oliver (one of those 3-4 stud players) could drop.  I don’t believe that will happen, but I could see a scenario present itself for Green Bay to maybe even trade up to get a player of his caliber.  Again, very unlikely, then again every few years there are players that drop, inexplicably, in the draft and are a tremendous value.  The Packers may be in one of the best positions, thanks to last year’s trade with New Orleans, of having a top 2nd-tier draft position (12th) and an additional 1st round selection (30th via the Saints) to do whatever they please.  If a great talent falls, take him.  If not, see what value you can net with a trade partner, if no, then you’re taking a top 2nd-tier talent that could possibly help this year (again don’t bank on it), but also really help for the next 7+ seasons.

It’ll be fun to watch everything unfold, but I’ll at least give my “dream scenario” for tonight, not including trades.  True dream would be trading, like last year by adding an additional 1st round pick and only moving back 4 places- I doubt that’ll happen again.

12th—Ed Oliver DT-Houston (he’s likely gone by the 4th or 5th selection)
30th—Nasir Adderley S-Delaware

Other names to watch for:
-Devin White LB-LSU
-Devin Bush LB-Michigan
-TJ Hockenson TE-Iowa
-Jonah Williams T-Alabama
-Montez Sweat Edge Rusher-Miss St.
-*Brian Burns Edge Rusher-FSU

*If the Packers take him, my cousin will flip out.  He’s a diehard Florida St. fan and Burns never produced to the hype, then builds more hype by having a great combine…seems like all flash, no substance.  Then again, what do I know?

Have fun!


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