Nothing’s Easy…

Apparently the defense still has some issues to work out – sadly I believe (like many) its still Dom Capers’ issue.  There seems to be talent littered all over this roster, defense included, but guys are usually out of position v getting beat.  Like many thought, the Packers’ offense had little issue moving the ball downfield although it took until the 2nd half to execute.

We can revel in the brilliance of the last drive, but it was a prime example of great play-calling, great players having practiced with one another and being on the same page, and just pure execution.  However, if you’ve read along you know I don’t like to review too much so let’s move on.

Enter the Minnesota Vikings.  Like the title of this blog, it should be an easy win, but likely won’t be.  The Vikes are without their top 3 offensive skill starters: Bradford; Diggs; Cook.  That should alleviate the pressure on the defense – so a successful defensive game would be holding Minnesota to <300 yards and <20 points.  If Green Bay struggles then everyone should be looking at red flags.  Please don’t think “Just win the game and move on.”  A super bowl team should be able to run the Vikings out of the gym.

Minnesota does possess a solid defense (7th overall) and Mike Zimmer-led defenses has given Aaron Rodgers-led offenses fits.  I believe they’re even in 8 games (4-4), but this shouldn’t matter because the overall talent is far superior for the Packers.

Packers 27
Vikings 17

26-15: I didn’t update last week’s record, so far things are looking good- so let’s keep it up!

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