Does Hope Have a New Spelling?….Hundley?

Obviously there’s only one story-line that stuck out from the Viking game, however since you didn’t come here to read the same things as everything you’ve read and listened to over the past week how about looking at it from a different perspective?

Stop me if you’ve read this before, but Kenny Clark was the best player on the field last Sunday.  That’s including both teams.  I’m not just using ProFootballFocus as a grade, but they thought the same.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but there’s a chance he’s a budding superstar registering an 85.1 overall grade from PFF on the season.  Considering he’s the 17th ranked D-lineman that’s a major improvement, not only for him but for the Packers entire defense.  Considering he had an 83.1 grade v Dallas’ offensive line, which is no longer the best in the NFL but is still considered top 5-10, proves he’s a force at the ripe age of 22.

The other point I’d like to focus on is My Man #27 Josh Jones.  He’s been limited in snaps – I haven’t been keeping close track to snap counts and production when on the field v not – however I’d love to see him start and play as much as possible for three major reasons: 1- When he’s on the field the Packers D seems to get off the field or make things happen, and 2- He’s better than Haha Clinton-Dix who seems to always be 5 yards behind (as to not get beat deep) the play.  The INTs HHCD has are a result of terribly overthrown passes, not by actually reading the QB and making a play.  Finally 3- Jones has shown incredible potential and needs snaps to get better.  If he gets burned, who cares? it happens without him on the field anyway.

Now, finally to take on the prime focus point, Aaron Rodgers’ right collarbone.  While playing Dr. is dangerous because there’s assumptions and we all know what that leads to, but for us fans it’s fun, right?  Let’s look at this two ways….1st Rodgers can make it back by the playoffs, so let’s say week 17 (like in 2013 when he returned to beat the Bears on a 4th down to win the division).  Brett Hundley will be tasked with going .500 down that stretch.  I can’t think of a more ideal opponent than the New Orleans Saints.  A bad defense, historically (not worst of all time, but since Sean Payton has arrived) they’re not good and have relied on the arm of Drew Brees and a distinct home-field advantage to create enough opportunities for the Saints to outscore their opponents.  Well if you’re Brett Hundley, this is what you want- a bad defense coming to your home turf.  New Orleans ranks 26th in overall defense and has only played two road games: week 1 @ Min (470 yards); week 3 @ Car (288 yards).  If the Packers can perform like the Vikings did in week 1 then the Packers have a good shot.

The way I see it, which many of my friends know, I’m quite excited to see how #7 produces in his first NFL career start after a week of preparation v the Saints.  I wouldn’t call this a Must Win game for Green Bay, but this could go a long way to proving to, not only the fans, but his team how Hundley can lead this team and if Rodgers can get back by the playoffs and Hundley leads this team to a division title he’d more than have exceeded initial expectations.  Then again, I’d have to write out an elaborate explanation as to why my expectations changed mid-season even though I say there’s no excuses.  At least for now, I’ll save that for the end of the season.  I digress…this will be a tough matchup, but GO PACK GO!

Saints 27
Packers 24

26-16 overall record

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