A Forced Rivalry?

Covering the results from the Bears game- the Packers found a way to get the job done on a short week while missing quite a few players.  There was actually a point in the game (likely after Glennon’s 2nd or maybe 3rd turnover) where Packer fans (I did) had to ask themselves “How in the hell did Chicago beat Pittsburgh?”  That begs quite a few questions, however with it being a short week for the Bears as well, let’s not look too much into it.  Got the W and let’s move on.

Dallas Cowboys – a team I picked to finish 8-8 this year, and considered one of the biggest frauds (of all-time) last year.  There are quite a few items I’d like to cover, so here we go:

  1. Aaron Rodgers’ interviews this week seem to exude extreme confidence (as they should).
  2. Recent track record.
  3. The hurt get healthy, really healthy.

1—Looking at the first item…this week Rodgers was asked about his success in playing in that stadium and if there’s a rivalry that’s been reborn.  His response is quite comforting to me (and I’ll paraphrase): Well our team is different, as it is every year.  So is theirs…they’re missing guys like Claiborne (CB), Barry Church (Safety), and Carr (CB).  Those were average, to above average players and now they’re gone having been replaced by no names.  Also, they all play in the defensive backfield and where the Cowboys helped themselves out last year by controlling the ball and keeping their D fresh – they can’t seem to accomplish the same in 2017.  Have people figured out how to defend Dak Prescott?  Maybe.  But let’s look at their recent track record.

2—in their 4 games this year, Dallas has given up the following stats 101/154, 1031 yards, 8td/1int for a total rating of 99.24.  In week 2, the Broncos (not known for their offense) racked up 42 points on 380 total yards v Dallas.  Just think what Aaron Rodgers should be able to accomplish v that defense, especially in ideal conditions as well in a place that he’s had quite a bit of success (I believe he’s 2-0 there, both in the postseason, for what it’s worth).

3—lastly, the Packers are returning 3 major starters: Bakhtiari; Bulaga; Daniels.  All 3 are major contributors and at key positions for this matchup.  The Cowboys feature DeMarcus Lawrence (#90), whom leads the NFL in sacks (7.5) through the 1st quarter of the season.  Having Bakhtiari and Bulaga return eases quite a bit of discomfort I’d normally have rolling into this game.  On the other side of the ball, the Cowboys still possess one of the NFL’s premier offensive lines, and Daniels’ return should aid Green Bay’s rush defense.

With all of these factors, aside from being pessimistic and worrying, it’s tough for me to see how Dallas can win this game (turnovers, blah blah blah).  If ever there was a time for this offense to get on track, it’s NOW!  I’ve been wrong before and I’ll guarantee I’ll be wrong again, but until then…

Packers 34
Cowboys 20

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