Kitties made it Klose- quick win coming?

Well that was much closer, tougher than it needed to be. However, for as bad as the quarterback played in the 1st half (8/13, 73 yards, 1td, 1int, 70.3rat) he excelled in the 2nd half and OT (20/29, 240yds, 2td, 117rat). I’ll continue to be critical of Rodgers until he wins another one to two rings, but until then let’s take it game by game, at least for now. Let’s not forget MY MAN the new JJ – #27 Josh Jones, 12 tackles and 2 sacks (key sacks too!).

Back to the QB, he’ll impress me if Green Bay comes away tonight with a victory—but you may say “Woah Nick, they’re playing the Bears, at home!” True, but from playing O-line I was always taught As the line goes, so goes the team and the Packers are working on starting their 5th and 6th string tackles at both LT and RT tonight and that’s a recipe for disaster. This game will come down to McCarthy’s game plan and if he can get the ball out of Rodgers’ hand quick enough before pressure gets home. If there ever was a game to run screens and draws, tonight is it.

As for Chicago, lookout for their running backs, they have 2 talented ones: Jordan Howard; Tarik Cohen. They’re each averaging over 4.4 yards/carry, with Cohen avg around 6.5. They’ll try to quicken the game by keeping the ball on the ground and trying to keep it close (which underdogs typically do), so look for the Packers to stop the run with their front 7 and hopefully not needing to load the box.

Other than that, being a short week and a ton of injuries this game could be a mess and I feel the Packers will need a very efficient, high passing attempt game from Rodgers to control the ball and the game.

I’ve thought all week Chicago would win because of the Packers’ OL situation, but for some reason I can’t believe Mac and 12 would be held under 24 points at home, against a subpar opponent.

Bears 16
Packers 24

25-15 overall record

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