A New Hope?

Make that 4 consecutive weeks to show the NFL is tough to figure out.  The Packers showed they’re still the class of the NFC North.  The game seemed too big for Minnesota, who is a young and well-coached team coming up, but for now the Packers are the standard, still.

Defense – Very promising to see the defensive line control the line of scrimmage v. a below average offensive line but one of the best rushing teams in the NFL.  The secondary tackled well, didn’t necessarily wrap up each time, and kept the YAC to a minimum.

Offense – Seems to still be searching to get on the same page.  30 points is the minimum and Aaron Rodgers-led team should put up each week against anyone, anywhere.  Stats don’t always tell the truth as I believe he had a better game @ Minnesota than he did hosting Detroit.  It was good to see the offensive line open some holes for what seemed to be a newly determined Eddie Lacy to blast through.

Chicago – they’ve been playing as well as they could have over the last few weeks, which is a testament to John Fox and the coaching staff.  Chicago doesn’t match up well overall against Green Bay, and it’s showed recently.  With the weather supposed to wet cool, this game could get sloppy which plays to Chicago’s favor but a home primetime game with a bunch of hoopla going on doesn’t bode well for the Bears.  If Green Bay wins the turnover battle and doesn’t get predictable on offense I don’t think the Bears can hang with them and this should be decided by halftime if the Packers ever return to playing how they’re capable.  Should be a relaxing halftime show for all this Thanksgiving with the game in control from Green Bay’s view point…then again I’ve been completely miffed the last four weeks so who knows???

Bears 20
Packers 38

2 thoughts on “A New Hope?

  1. Can you do some research for me?
    For the time Sam Sheilds has been on the field vs. off the field, what is our point differential?
    Thanks man,


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