It got worse…

No Super Bowl-winning team has ever lost to the worst team in the NFL, let alone at home.  This loss reminds me of 1997 @ Indianapolis.  Point being, championship-caliber teams don’t lose to poor teams.  Research shows that eventual Super Bowl champions played the “Worst Team in the NFL” 16 times since 1990.  Those eventual Super Bowl champions’ record in those games is 16-0.  Nine consecutive drives ending in a punt last week…9?!?!  Until Aaron Rodgers connected with Richard Rodgers for the Packers’ first touchdown with 5:55 left in the game, Green Bay triple the amount of punts (9) as they did points on the scoreboard (3).  TRIPLE!!!!!  Enough about the Lions fiasco.

The more concerning factor seems to be Aaron Rodgers’ beef with the head coach.  The disconnect on offense seems to stem from Rodgers and fueled by his ego.  By watching Aaron’s antics on the field, it seems nothing is his fault.  Sure, he shows disappointment with an errant throw, but throwing his hands in the air shaking his head after various plays is Marino-esque.  After Abbrederis got crushed (thanks to Aaron’s off-target pass), Rodgers could be seen complaining about how he ran the wrong route, or something to that effect.

On to Minnesota, a team that has built something off last year.  This is a game that I picked the Packers to lose entering the season.  The Vikings enter this game on a 5-game winning streak, meanwhile everyone knows the Packers enter with a 3-game slide.  Green Bay has shown the inability or unwillingness to change/adapt (I’ve stated this before), so why expect anything different?

Minnesota is a balanced team that plays solid defense, and is well coached by Mike Zimmer.  The Packers were lucky to escape TCF Bank Stadium with a victory last year…all that’s changed is Minnesota has improved and become more consistent and Green Bay has, well, fallen apart.  I don’t see how anyone could pick the Packers to win this game aside from blind fandom and/or hope.

Packers 13
Vikings 31

2 thoughts on “It got worse…

  1. I am terribly afraid that you are right on all counts! Well, once they lose to MN, we can all RELAX as Aaron would say because the season’s road to the Superbowl has a detour and we won’t get there in time.


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