I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers than I am now.  Losing divisional games at home, versus divisional opponents that are quite inferior.  Detroit and Chicago are games that when playing at Lambeau Field, you should be able to roll the helmets out on the field and get a W.

The Packers are now in a position where they have to win out to restore confidence from me in their ability to win a Super Bowl.  Hell, that’s the position they were in entering the Vikings game.  The optimist in me says the Packers are 3 plays away from being 10-1.  However, I can’t help but think how the Packers won the first 6 games.

The Bears played just a standard man coverage scheme and waited for Rodgers to get the ball out to his receivers who can’t run routes, get open, or catch the ball.  Add in that #12’s accuracy in erratic (not only for him, but for Johnny Manziel) and it’s a poor product on the field.  The bright side is the defense has showed up since getting S-M-O-K-E-D in Carolina: 18 v Detroit; 13 at Minnesota; 17 v Chicago.  An Aaron Rodgers-led offense should put up 24 points in their sleep.

On to DEEEE-troit (as Mike McCarthy calls it), where the Lions have been rolling since canning their GM and offensive coordinator (Joe Lombardi, grandson of legendary Packers coach Vince).  Their offense is hitting stride and their defense is giving up yards but getting turnovers.  Considering the Lions went into Lambeau and won I can’t figure out how the Packers can go into Ford Field, a place of recent nightmares, and win.  That being said I’ve been wrong about every game since week 8 (at Denver).

Packers 23
Lions 24

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