Who’s Gonna Win It?!?!

For those of you looking for something other than the Packers…here you go!  The Milwaukee Bucks have had the two most exciting offseasons from what I can remember.  If you know me, you likely know my expectations are judging teams based on rings (championships).  I’m here to set the record straight regarding expectations for this team.  There are quite a few factors coming into the season: Greg Monroe acquisition; the return of Jabari Parker; progression of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Acquiring Greg Monroe was absolutely huge.  Since Larry Sanders decided to become a huge turd, I’ve thought Monroe was a perfect match for the Bucks.  The only problem was getting him here.  Monroe gave credit to Wes Edens (one of the 2 principal owners) for persuading him to sign in Milwaukee over New York.  Unheard of until it actually happened.  Monroe signed a 2-year deal with a third year option, makes it friendly for both sides.  If Monroe plays above the contract, he will be set up to get absolutely PAID.  The new TV contract money is on its way, hence why LeBron keeps taking 1 year deals (more on that during the NBA season).

Jabari Parker – the whole idea of “Winning Takes Balls,” i.e. lottery balls.  From all accounts, Parker has looked absolutely amazing in his rehab.  It’s likely that Jason Kidd will ease Jabari into the starting rotation, eventually getting up to 17-20 minutes/game.  For now, look for a ton of depth to cover the absence of Jabari playing 30+ minutes…

The Greek Freak!!!  Possibly the highest ceiling in the entire league.  He’s apparently grown, again.  Giannis doesn’t want to be known as a 7 footer, but when he stands next to John Henson (6’11”) Giannis was taller.  All of this according to Gary Woelful (Racine Journal Times) – one of my favorite basketball beat writers – he’s also said Giannis has added roughly 15lbs.  Antetokounmpo’s frame could handle quite a bit more.  Giannis is my favorite thing about this Bucks franchise, just because of the potential and the time we as fans can give to watch him grow.

With all of these factors, one might think the Bucks should increase their win total by 5-10, and if they went 41-41 last year that could potentially put the Bucks around 50 wins!  Although that’s very possible, I had to look back to last season and realize the Bucks went 13-22 (including postseason) after trading Brandon Knight.  Prior to trading Knight the Bucks were humming along, many people hated the trade.  I for one loved it, and still do.  If MCW (Michael Carter-Williams) can develop a threat of a jumper, this Bucks team should be an absolute nightmare to play in years to come.  For the 2015/2016 season I’m thinking 41-46 wins…Let’s go with 46-36, the same record as the Fear the Deer team about 5 years ago.  I know my audience (which isn’t many to start with) may not care about the Milwaukee Bucks, but I’ve loved them since I can remember and am so pumped to finally have direction, the proper direction, for this franchise.  I can only hope the Brewers follow suit.  The Brewers decided to become the Minnesota Vikings of MLB but that’s a whole different topic.

So to recap…Bucks 46-36 with the 4 seed in the Eastern Conference and an Eastern Conf. Finals appearance v Cleveland.  Get excited!!!

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