The Packer Way???

Michael Cohen wrote an article roughly 2 weeks ago labeling (accurately) Letroy Guion as a bad person.  The media’s job is to deliver a story and get people to read their…story.  McCarthy was asked about Cohen’s article and said it was “garbage.”  I don’t agree with Mac’s response, but I don’t like the timing of the article.  I’m not blaming anyone for anything, the whole situation doesn’t sit well with me, that and the following game was the most un-enthused (not sure if that’s a word, or the proper one I’m looking for) game I’ve seen played by a Mike McCarthy Packer team.

I understand both sides, the media’s and McCarthy’s, but the one curse for media is having no losses or “bad news” to report and I feel as though a 6-0 start fueled an article about poking holes in the Packer Way.  Again, the article is accurate and legitimate to call out an organization for hypocrisy – I don’t have a point to make just wanted to write hoping it would make me feel better about it…not sure it worked :/

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