6-0 at the Bye!

Whelp, last time I ask for something.  The injuries still hit and it was a big one (Ty Montgomery).  A win is a win, but the defense must play better…the offense does too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winning ugly but the Packers can’t give up that type of yardage and expect to win a Super Bowl.  I’m so glad I was wrong about the play of BJ Raji – I didn’t think he’d be anywhere near where he has played this year.  His production was very apparent this past week v. San Diego.  The Packers still made them one-dimensional but the problem was the Packers couldn’t stop the pass.  There was little-to-no pass rush especially a consistent pass rush like we’ve seen in previous weeks.  Give credit to Philip Rivers, but the fact he said he could decipher every look the Packers gave is quite concerning.

Moving to the offense.  It seems like the Packers are most effective opening the game with their scripted plays.  Rodgers and Co. build a lead then the defense holds on and/or closes the game out.  Eddie Lacy seems fat, slow, and indecisive.  Thankfully Starks is a savvy veteran and knows the offense.  However, one can’t assume Starks will be healthy all year based on his track record – so it’s imperative for Lacy to get back into shape which should help his healing process as well.  Listening to Josh Sitton’s interview on Tuesday, he mentioned how they need to continue to run the ball to keep rhythm.  I couldn’t agree more.  Let me stress again, this game feels like a Loss but it wasn’t.  6-0 doesn’t feel as good as it should and I like that, means there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Now that the offense is officially in a funk, and injured (Montgomery, Adams, Lacy, and Quarless) the next defense???  The #1 ranked Denver Broncos.  The nice thing is Peyton Manning is a joke and if Raji and/or Burnett return they shouldn’t score 24 points which I believe the Packers are guaranteed to do in each remaining game.  The entire Broncos offense is a joke and they’ve been winning because their Defense and Special Teams have outscored their offense IN THE SEASON!!!  That bodes quite well for the Packers who are great at taking care of the football (knock on wood).   If the Packers stick to the run early and often, and take care of the football they should come out on top.  It should be a low-scoring game but once you say that…My prediction will be below but I wanted to inform you that being the Bye week I’ll have a few thoughts about how much the Packers miss Jordy Nelson, if at all.

Packers 24
Broncos 16

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