No More Injuries, please!

Whelp, the Packers played their worst game of the year (offensively at least) and there still was never a worry.    Glad to see Clay Matthews, not only earning his pay check but, playing like DPOY (Def. Player of the Year).  Back to the offense…give the Rams defense a ton of credit, they’re pretty damn good and they focused on stopping the run game and short passes.  Many fans here are worried about the Packers not having a deep threat since losing Jordy Nelson – valid point, more on that in another blog – however, my worry is the Packers did not even attempt a throw longer than 30 yards.  In order to make the defense respect the deep ball, you must at least attempt 1!!!  Once Davante Adams returns I believe the Packers will open it up a bit more but if not, that makes this week’s game even more tough.

San Diego entered this season with high expectations – a deep playoff run = High Expectations for them; not the Packers.  They sit at 2-3 and are quite desperate with a decent amount of talent.  Philip Rivers is a solid QB with a Hall of Fame Tight End (TE), Antonio Gates and a great young Wide Receiver (WR) Keenan Allen.  Yeah yeah, Melvin Gordon is coming back to Wisconsin for the first time since being drafted by the Chargers.  I don’t think they’re built for MGIII to have a ton of success.  No real bruising Fullback (FB) and are more pass-happy than balanced and thus I don’t think Gordon will have a ton of success v Green Bay, even if BJ Raji is out with an injured groin.  The Packers match up well v San Diego, well the Packers match up well against anyone really.

This should be a tough/close game, possibly similar to last week.  If Rodgers doesn’t turn the ball over 3 times (which I’m willing to bet a ton he won’t) the Packers should control this game.  Get the win, stay healthy, and get healthier through the Bye week because there’s the toughest test of the season awaiting in week 8.

Chargers 20
Packers 31

One thought on “No More Injuries, please!

  1. I hope you are right about the win. This game frightens me a bit. Glad we’ll be together to watch. Perhaps Courtney will be the good luck charm!


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