Preview Week 3 – Packers

Quite a flurry of posts, and we’re back at it.  On to week 3.  I personally moved on as of Tuesday afternoon but didn’t have time to write about it, until now.  I’ll start saying the Packers should be favored because they’re the better team, but that doesn’t mean I’m not worried (you like the double-negative?) about a few matchups.

Like I said in week 2’s recap, I believe Seattle’s O-line was more to attest to the Packers’ newfound rush defense.  With that, if Green Bay holds Jamaal Charles in check then we’re working with something here.  The potential nightmares I see are Justin Houston/Tamba Hali (Chiefs’ outside rusher, and they’re good, really good) v David Bakhtiari and Don Barclay.  For those who know me, I’m not as harsh on Barclay as maybe I should be but he’s a backup for a reason.  He’s an adequate run blocker and being on the right side his pass blocking isn’t as crucial as being on the left.  Now that’s no excuse for being awful like he was last week vs. Seattle but he’s gonna have a helluva time with Justin Houston all night.  (If you didn’t catch it, the first two potential matchup issues are 1. KC’s rush offense vs. GB’s rush defense and 2. KC’s OLBs (Outside Linebackers) vs. GB’s tackles.)

Kansas City’s defense is just good overall.  They have solid corners in Sean Smith and emerging rookie Marcus Peters (INT in each game so far, I think each was a pick-6 too).  Their safety play will be better than Seattle’s too.  Eric Berry (so happy for him, he battle cancer last year and is back playing in the NFL, and at a high level too) is one of the premier safeties in the NFL.  He can cover, hit, and make plays – just a playmaker and someone to watch.  Even if Davonte Adams and Eddie Lacy don’t play, I’m still most worried about Morgan Burnett because he makes such a difference on GB’s defense.  If Burnett plays I think the Packers win with a little issue.  If not, it could be nerve-wracking like last week.

Kansas City 20
Green Bay 24

One thought on “Preview Week 3 – Packers

  1. Ok, should I move them out of spot 14 on my picks list????? Just kidding, but I am worried, too, as are a number of analysts who generally think GB is a lock.


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