Get Melvin OUT of the Way!!!

After hearing Doug Melvin called up 6 (I believe) kids from Biloxi, even if before David Stearns was hired on as his successor, even furthers how inept Melvin is of running a small market team. Stearns stated exactly what I’ve been saying for years (hence why I started this blog thingy, and I’m paraphrasing): With a small market team, young and controllable talent is paramount. Having as much time before they hit arbitration is key to building the foundation of a successful organization.

That was music to my ears yet, as I said above, Melvin acted in the antithesis direction!!! How can a 32-year old diehard fan of the team have a better understand and direction of how to run the organization???? How I ask??? Yes, it’s rhetorical but man is it frustrating.

Moving on – I did mention in another post that I was or used to be optimistic. I am. Trust me. Better late than never right? So now we’ve hired the right guy, at least I think so. A young, smart, experienced, baseball nut whose goal is to win a World Series. Yes! That’s the guy I want and the expectation this city must have in order to actually win one! No more parties at the Summerfest grounds for clinching a playoff berth. No more shutting down Wisconsin Avenue for LOSING the World Series. I’m all for going nuts if the team I root for brings home the Trophy, there’s only one that matters in each sport. The World Series trophy would be absolutely amazing and I’d be first in line along Wisconsin Avenue to watch the caravan. I’ve been part of one such parade in my life, and it was by complete coincidence. I was in the streets of downtown Boston when the Bruins threw their parade after winning the Stanley Cup in the Summer of 2011. That was absolutely amazing to be a part of and I was only glad they won because they were facing the Blackhawks 🙂

To close, the Brewers (or should I say Mark Attanasio?) need to recognize they’ve made the correct hire in Stearns and now need to step the hell out of the way and let him control everything. I don’t understand the concept of keeping Doug Melvin around, in any capacity. For those who think he’s an asset, I don’t consider Melvin’s tenure a success by any stretch regardless of where the team was when he took over. 2 playoff appearances in 13 seasons??? I agree Major League Baseball (MLB) has the toughest postseason to enter, but that doesn’t mean in a decade + to consider the GM a success (let along savior to some) by getting there twice. The goal? The St. Louis Cardinals. They’re the standard. Market-size or not, I don’t care. Big contracts are cool but ask yourself…how many of them workout? How many of those guys actually play to their contract? It’s the players that earn that money (while not being paid a ton) that produce and that’s what Stearns wants to flood this Brewers organization with, and I’m 100% for it!!!!

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