Why You (Packers fans) Shouldn’t Be Excited

This should be the standard!  Did you not expect this from this Green Bay Packers team?  Vegas pegged them as Super Bowl favorites, so why is there so much Packer Kool-Aid being chugged?  This should be expected, every year…more on this in weeks to come.

This was a good team win v. Kansas City, but it should’ve been better.  45-14 seems better.   Keep the pressure on.  Many may say the game was over at half, well so was the NFC Championship game v. Seattle.  If anything we should’ve learned from that game and always keep the foot on the pedal.

I learned:
The rush defense is vastly improved from last year and a healthy Clay Matthews can earn his $11M/yr. paycheck.
Damarious Randall is a solid corner, and hopefully he continues his progression and can really solidify the defense for the next 5-7 years.
BJ Raji is healthy and that’s a very, very good thing.

Coming into week 4, I’ve never felt this confident heading to San Fran.  This is an opportunity to “exorcise demons” in some sense but this is a completely different team (SF) than seasons’ passed.  This is a good tune-up game, should be no issue to move the ball.  The only mis-match is Carlos Hyde (leads the NFL in forcing missed tackles) v. the Packers run Defense (led the league in missed tackles after week 2).  With that, I’m still not worried.  Colin Kaepernick is God Awful…matches his persona.  The Packers should have an interception or two – with Rodgers at QB, that should amount to 30+ points.

Green Bay 31
San Francisco 13

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