Week 2 Preview

First, let me start off capping off the Packers week 1 match-up versus Chicago.  I re-watched the 1st half and took some detailed notes.  (I decided not to watch the 2nd half for a few reasons, mostly due to the fact my 1-month old was not a fan of me watching a game she’s already seen).

Like I mentioned in my first post, the rush defense in the Base 3-4, was fine.  Aside from Pennell completely blowing assignment by being too aggressive and attacking Cutler, they likely could’ve forced a 3rd and long on the first series of the game…however, based on how Capers calls a game Chicago likely would’ve picked up the 1st due to going completely lame and rushing 3 while dropping eight.

Ok, moving on…going into week 2 it’s the 1995 Dallas Cowbo….err, I mean the Seattle Seahawks.  Let me preface by stating If Seattle wore different helmets the Packers might boat-race them out of the stadium.  With that being said, I believe the Packers are the superior team but Seattle has the mental edge.  Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!  A buddy of mine directed me to Seattle’s beat writers (I read as much as I can on the enemy from their POV (point of view) as I can) and they were concerned about their run game and offensive line, as they should be.  So their thought???  Green Bay is what the doctor ordered (sorry Todd, had to steal it).  It’s true!  Seattle’s offensive line is garbage, the only one worse is Chicago… (Cripes!).  I know the Packers get Datone back, but he’s average at best v. the run and Capers shows no ability to keep the Base D out there to stuff it.

For those of you that are screaming, “Nick!  Capers pitched a shutout v Seattle in their place for 3.9 quarters!”  My response is, “He did, but then explain to me how the D gave up 21 points on Seattle’s final three possessions all in under 6 minutes.”  Awful…personnel changes, coaches stay the same, same results – someone look up the definition of insanity, please.  Sorry, I digress — I can’t pick the Packers to beat Seattle until they actually beat them.  Seattle’s OL is terrible, but the Packers can’t stop the rush anyway, so I’m guessing the Packers can’t hold them under 150 yards rushing, let alone 100!!!  Wilson just finds a way to get it done, even though I think he’s overrated (that defense helps a little).  Rodgers, along with new play-caller Tom Clements, likely will attack Sea’s secondary a bit more aggressively than in the past 3 matchups, but with Bulaga injuring his surgically repaired knee in practice Thursday, and likely out for Sunday, I’m interested to see how that changes formations, etc.

I so desperately want to pick GB, as I did in the preseason, but with the Bulaga injury and now that game time is close I’m going with Seattle 27 Green Bay 24.  If that’s the case I have no idea how my preseason Super Bowl pick will win a ring.  Until that Defense improves, significantly (which I don’t think will happen until Capers is gone) it seems like it’ll be another wasted/failure of a year.  This could be the 8th season of Rodgers starting at QB, the most efficient, accurate, intelligent QB of all time IN HIS PRIME and he’ll only have one ring = WASTE!!!!  Now if the Packers win (which wouldn’t shock me, hell it wouldn’t surprise me) not only will I have a delicious beer with my crow dinner, everything I just said goes by the wayside.


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