Thank God…

…s/he’s a Packer fan. My whole life I’ve been the optimistic fan, but the more I learn, the more I worry. Time’s-a-wastin’ and us Packer fans have a shot at a dynasty. A much-needed dynasty. I’ve never rooted for a team that’s had one (well okay the Packers of the 1960’s but I wasn’t around to enjoy it). My point here is by beating Seattle, clearing that mental hurdle – even if it was only my hurdle – was absolutely huge!

What I learned: Aaron Rodgers is pretty good. Ok that everyone knew, but we can lay to rest his whole lack of 4th quarter comebacks stuff, right? I’ve been saying for years that he doesn’t have many because he’s rarely losing. So 3 of his last 4 games he’s led drives in the 4th quarter to tie or take the lead, with all 3 of those game being in the postseason. Hardly something #4 ever did. (I’ll write in the offseason about how much better 12 is than Brett).

James Starks looked, well…like James Starks. Slashing/decisive running and vision with the ball nowhere near his body which almost cost the game. However, he’s a backup for a reason and a damn good one. Richard Rodgers may have the best hands in the NFL, no I’m not joking. It just has a different sound when the ball hits his hands. Reminds me of Cris Carter, the best hands I’ve ever seen. The ball just sticks I don’t know how else to explain it.

The defense played well, but then again Seattle’s O-line is garbage which I believe added more to the D-line playing well but still promising. I was quite disappointed with Casey Hayward’s (Corner Back) play, he gave up 2 huge plays: 32-yard completion on 3rd and 16 from Seattle’s own 20ish; TD pass to Fred Jackson (oldest running back in the league) on 3rd down from GB’s 5ish. Jayrone Elliott baby!!! I don’t believe he’ll be a huge difference-maker but I did call for him to start at OLB opposite Peppers and keep Clay inside. Well, it was a great game and the good guys prevailed over Evil and I’m glad I was WAY WRONG on my prediction!

2 thoughts on “Thank God…

  1. Well, everything I learned about football, I learned from you, Nick, and from the little bit that Courtney played in peewee league. I am guessing that your assessments are right. I am concerned about Casey Hayward. That did seem to be an easy situation with three downs and 16 yards to go. However, it didn’t happen. What should have been a blowout was a little less than that, but as everyone is wont to say, “A win is a win!”


    1. Yeah, 3rd and long isn’t what it used to be in the NFL. With all the ticky-tack flags thrown on defensive contact, etc. it’s just different. I have faith Hayward can/will be a good corner and hopefully soon! We’ll need him!


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