Week 1 Recap

Not too many surprises after returning to meaningful football! I picked 12-4 in my first weeks’ projections (from preseason). My biggest shock was Mariota performing so well in his debut. Albeit versus a poor opponent, still an NFL opponent with a lot of hype surrounding both QBs. The Patriots keep on doing what the Pats do…they just win, especially at home. I was caught a bit off guard by the Colts/Bills game, but not overly surprised because Buffalo (as Green Bay found out last year (called that too btw)) is a tough place to get a W. Speaking of Green Bay (nice segway, thanks!)

I haven’t re-watched the game in detail yet, but overall there are a couple of ways I’m looking at this performance. The 1st team offense hadn’t been together since week 2 of the preseason, and I’m all for that based on the schedule. The Packers are very fortunate to get the Bears in week 1 as a Dress Rehearsal (as if you hadn’t heard that phrase enough in the preseason regarding the 3rd game) for the game that likely will be the biggest of the year; Seattle.

I’m one of the advocates for Fire Dom Capers…have been for quite some time. It’s not all scheme, I know players are accountable and ultimately Ted, but the scheme was just awful and play-calling was worse. I did notice that on the first series of the game the Packers were in a Base 3-4 with Raji at Nose Tackle and Pennel at Left End. That seemed to clog the run lanes between the Tackles, but didn’t take long for Chicago to adjust. Chicago decided to run outside the Tackles, open up cutback lanes, and also went to 4-wide but keeping Forte in the backfield – Capers decided to counter by taking out a D-lineman and inserting another Defensive Back. Running lanes opened up and they kept pounding. It was apparent Fox wanted to take the ball out of Cutler’s hands (smart) and he can afford to do so by having the lead or being within 1 score. It wasn’t until the Packers put pressure on Chicago by scoring and getting up 8 to force Chicago’s hand to throw.

Again, I’ll re-watch the game tonight and comment/write should I feel I need to add more detail.

Feedback is much appreciated!


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