Is Green Bay “That” Good?

Aaron Rodgers (#12) looks on in complaint

Review: Packers 27; Bears 10 ~ The entire Packers team, coaches included, looked better than Week 1. However, that comes with a caveat- they did play the Chicago Bears, who are terrible. While it’s still early in the season, there are some things to highlight:

  1. Rodgers looked better — he was a bit more in rhythm, seemed like he had control of the game/pace, and cared (always a big one).
  2. Offensive Line was “OK,” struggled in run blocking — the run blocking may be seen as a force from last week, but that was aided by the strong running of A.J. Dillon, and especially Aaron Jones. There was plenty of times they were contacted at the line of scrimmage, but managed good gains.
  3. Committed to the Run-Game — while the run-blocking was so-so, committing to the run game allowed Green Bay to control the clock, pace, and ultimately the outcome. Jones & Dillon combined for 37 touches (56% of total plays), 237 yards (57% of total yards), and 2 touchdowns.

The defense also held their own, keeping Chicago under 230 total yards (228) and allowing only one 3rd down conversion. Again, the Bears and Justin Fields are terrible, but they at least did their job.

While the Buccaneers are 2-0, they’ve had their own issues. Their offense hasn’t performed near to expectations, especially for a veteran team that’s been together for over 2 years and has been successful at that. Their defense, on the other hand, has been stifling. While I also don’t think highly of Dallas or New Orleans (both of Tampa’s opponents so far this season), they’re both superior to the Packers’ faced foes in 2022.

Since there’s at least some sort of sample size from which to draw, here’s how each team stacks up:

 GB O(rank)vs.TB D(rank)
Pts17.023th 6.51st
Rush153.027th 112.013th
Pts16.57th 19.518th
Diff.(2)T-22nd 42nd

While not the best display, you can see each team’s Defense has the advantage over the opposition’s offense, except in rushing. Although, Tampa’s rush D is still solid. With both teams missing key receiving pieces (Bucs: Evans; Godwin; possibly Julio), it’ll fall on Brady & Rodgers to execute the scheme as well as the offensive line to create enough running room for each team’s backs to gain 1st downs. Per usual, turnovers will likely dictate the outcome.

It’s tough to imagine the Packers scoring enough to put Tampa Bay in a must pass position, so I think Tampa’s defense will put them in a position of strength, much like they did last week, keeping the Saints’ score low allowing Brady to make a few big throws in the 4th quarter to win.

Packers 20
Buccaneers 27 (-1.0)

Season: 1-1
Overall: 82-43

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