Week 1 Predictions…

Week 1 Review~ It’s better to make predictions based off coin flips than what was shown in week 1. At least that’s how the NFL has trended since teams began sitting essentially all their starters throughout the preseason.

Justin Fields celebrates as the Bears upset the 49ers in Week 1 in a downpour @ Soldier Field

Chicago got a sloppy-weather game and capitalized. They still had to execute on more plays and did just that. The Bears won the turnover battle, along with only committing 3 penalties to San Francisco’s 12, which (usually) ended up being the difference in the outcome. Just goes to show, the better team doesn’t always win, however, the team that wins the turnover battle (unless Quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers in January) will win.

Green Bay suffered from 2 huge non-plays: the dropped TD by Rookie WR Christian Watson on the game’s 1st play from scrimmage; A.J. Dillon’s stuff on 4th & Goal in the 2nd quarter. The game is likely a different outcome, at least progress, however, you get paid to make the plays, and the Vikings did. The key point to take away from last week was the sheer production from the running backs. Aaron Jones (#33) and A.J. Dillon (#28) combined for 23 touches, 167 yards, and 1 TD. That’s good enough for a 7.3 yards/touch average, which would indicate that they need to touch the ball, far more often.

Preview~ Chicago is coming in with, not only, a head of steam, but a rare opportunity to take control over the entire division with a win (coupled with 2 winnable games following). Green Bay finds themselves in the (not a) “Must Win” department, essentially salvaging Week 1 and setting themselves up for the following 2 weeks against the 2-0 Bucs and 2-0 Giants (in London), in coming weeks.

Bears 21
Packers 30

Season: 0-1
Overall: 81-43

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