Gearing Up for a Tough Stretch

Review~ it was the Jones & Dillon game, with appropriately-timed throws from Rodgers that led to a well-controlled 10-point victory.  Aaron Jones & A.J. Dillon accounted for 28 touches of the 57 total plays run by Green Bay (49%).  That leads to control of the football and even if the execution level is low, you still are able to dictate the outcome of the game, or at least the flow – which is precisely what occurred. 

The running backs accounted for 169 yards of the 323 total (52%), so that ratio is good…anytime you can account for more of a % of the production with a few percentages of the attempts, that’s good – if the team is rolling.  This is the Matt LaFleur offense us Packer fans have grown accustomed to, and is extremely productive.  It also keeps the defense off the field, which in turn helps the defense by putting so much pressure on the opposing offense to score and/or hold the ball…that added pressure only helps.

Also, the Refs blew about the equal number of calls both ways, which is sad b/c they’re still having far too much influence on the outcome of games across the NFL.  Sadly, I don’t think anything will change because (I’m guilty of it as well) we’re all watching at – or close to – record numbers.

The “I own you; I still own you” line was actually authentic and showed a sign of Rodgers I’ve been wanting since he last won the Super Bowl.  Let’s see if it carries into next week, next month, etc., but that’s not cocky, that type of emotion – when authentic – I classify under Determination.

Preview~ the Packers take on a football team that represent the Washington D.C. area.  Coming off a season with a very high-ranking defense, Washington has plunged to 31st in total yards given up and dead last in points.  A great recipe to keep the momentum for the Packers to establish offensive dominance heading into the meat of their schedule.

2021GB Off.vs.Was Def.
Rush109.5 (16) 113.5 (19)
Pass234.0 (21) 309.5 (32)
Total343.5 (23) 423.0 (31)
Points24.0 (15) 31.0 (32)
 GB Def.vs.Was Off.
Rush108.5 (13) 106.3 (19)
Pass206.5 (4) 229.8 (24)
Total315.0 (4) 336.2 (24)
Points22.7 (13) 22.7 (21)

Get things rolling early and often, get guys healthy and keep current players healthy and let’s roll into a short week with momentum. 

The one key matchup is to see how Elgton Jenkins (#74) handles Chase Young (#99).  Jenkins had his worst game of his career – coming back from injury – which is why I believe he struggled mightily, last week.  Young has the ability to be a game-wrecker, but if Green Bay continues to focus and run the offense through the running backs, it should be same $hit, different day.

Another one to keep an eye on is Was WR Terry McClaurin (#17).  He’s one of the NFL’s top Wideouts and matched up vs. a very banged up secondary – if Washington pulls off the upset, it’ll likely be from a couple of huge plays by #17.

WFT (WTF?) 24
Packers 38

Season: 4-2
Overall: 73-38

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