Kicking Overshadows… also, Are the Bears Good?

Review~ the game transpired about the way I thought it would, except for the kicking issues completely over-shadowing the entirety of the game.  Green Bay completely controlled the game, until the blown coverage/call on the long TD to Ja’Marr Chase right before half, which should’ve resulted in a Darnell Savage interception.  Yet, like 90% of the time, the better team won.  The better team also won the turnover battle, which may or may not have dictated the outcome.

What’s promising was the Packers put up 466 total yards vs. the 7th ranked defense (in yards, giving up 323 coming into the game) on the road.  That came to 7.4 yards/play.  That’s great production, a testament to the gameplan and execution.  There were quite a few checkdowns, which I’ve been clamoring for for a while.  All 3 running backs touched the ball:

  • Aaron Jones: 14 carries for 103 yards; 4 receptions on 5 targets for 6 yards; totaling 109 yards.
  • A.J. Dillon: 8 carries for 30 yards; 4 receptions on 4 targets for 49 yards and a TD- 79 yards.
  • Kylin Hill: 0 carries; 1 reception on 1 target for 5 yards.

That’s solid balance, the running backs produced 193 of the 466 total yards (41%) and garnered roughly 51% of the attention – 22 rushes and 10 targets, so 32 of the 63 plays. 

I’d like to see a few more rushes, but the 50% attention is really what I’m looking for, and believe that makes the QB’s job easier.  Hence the extreme production from Davante Adams (a career-high 206 receiving yards and a TD). 

Overall, a good win vs. a good team on the road.  Take it and run.

Preview~ now onto the rivalry matchup in Chicago.  The Bears actually have a winning record (3-2), and this creates a big matchup for the first time since the opening game of the 2018 season, where Rodgers mounted a great comeback – where the Bears were up 20-0 with 9:14 left in the 3rd quarter.  Chicago eventually got to a point where they had a 97% chance of winning, until they didn’t.  Ok, fun time reminiscing, but onto 2021.

2021GB Off.vs.Chi Def
Rush100.6 (21) 103.8 (11)
Pass247.0 (15) 228.6 (13)
Total347.6 (21) 332.4 (9)
Points24.0 (13) 20.0 (7)
 GB Def.vs.Chi Off.
Rush102.2 (10) 126.8 (9)
Pass220.4 (11) 113.2 (32)
Total322.6 (6) 240.0 (32)
Points24.4 (20) 16.8 (30)

Chicago has, by far, the worst offense in the NFL.  This is a GREAT matchup for the Packers as Chicago focuses on running the ball (9th in the NFL in yards/game), yet Green Bay is 10th against the run.  If Green Bay can force rookie Justin Fields to win the game with his arm, it could be a double-digit Packer victory, and may not be that close if Green Bay can get up early and force a bunch of mistakes.  Also, having Matt Nagy try to outsmart everyone typically plays into the Bears’ opponents’ favor.

Guarding against being over-confident, the Packers did play fairly well in Cincinnati, and have been improving with each week.  Also, the offensive line is literally in shambles, yet is able to do its job and be borderline impressive.

Keep the running backs involved and open up everything else – this should equate to another victory.

Packers 23
Bears 13

Season: 3-2
Overall: 72-38

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