Bears Week, Keep Pace

Review~ 4 turnovers.  That’s it.  That was the game.  The Packers offense showed, when in rhythm, they can do what they want.  The defense did a good job on limiting the points off turnovers, 6.  The issue is once the gates were opened, the flood came through.  They still were able to beat the Colts’ OL to the point of attack to have 5 holding calls in the final 8 plays to keep them in the game.

The Packers also lost time of possession 27:49 to 35:01.  The offense had 3 opportunities to ice this game:

  1. 1st drive of the 2nd half, after the Colts only scored a field goal, the offense could’ve driven down and scored a TD, which would’ve made it 35-17, essentially icing it.
  2. Rodgers did a good job (great catch by MVS on that bomb) driving down the field to ensure the tie, but missed a wide open Tonyan on the final play where he tunnel-visioned Adams (usually not a bad play).
  3. In OT, they started off with a nicely designed swing route to Aaron Jones for 8 yards until the WR screen hit MVS which looked like it’d gain a 1st down and fumbled it on a slap. 

The Defense did enough to win, but not with 4 turnovers (if Shepherd was cut, that’s not the worst thing). 

Preview~ Green Bay started off the season with 4 straight wins and up 10-0, and the ball vs. a talented Tampa Bay team, and since then has completely squandered their turnover differential in the 6 games that have followed (including @ TB).  For now, that’s the best indicator of the Packers’ chances of winning…winning (or not losing) the turnover battle. 

We’re at the point of the season where a team’s net points determine its true strength.  Meaning, total points scored minus points given up.  Green Bay currently sits 9th at +50.  That would seem about right.  The teams “ranked” ahead of the Packers all seem to be as good or better:

  • Pit +124
  • KC +107
  • NO +73
  • Bal +73
  • Ind +68
  • TB +67
  • Mia +62
  • LAR +51

The Packers have an opportunity to increase their margin of victory by blasting Chicago, which would also do some serious damage to their postseason aspirations.


Chicago is downright terrible.  They’re the 31st ranked offense in both yards and scoring, so the Packers’ defense has an opportunity to correct the issues they’ve experienced, unless after 10 games they are who they are – which is average.  What’s hilarious about all of this is the 2018 AP NFL Coach of the Year, Matt Nagy, is still the head coach of the Bears and he’s the lone reason their offense is garbage.  My cousin picked this out initially – he loves being the smartest guy in the room, all the time.  Sometimes LaFleur develops those tendencies as well, but is fairly quick to adapt and adjust…i.e. see the Divisional round game vs. Seattle.  In addition to this, Chicago is choosing to go back to Mitch Trubisky, which should alleviate some heartburn for Packer nation as Foles isn’t scared to lose which is why he’s sometimes terrible, but also why he shines in the postseason.  Make Mitch throw and you should be able to hold them under 20 points.

Let’s put it this way, as it currently stands, the Packers are the 3 seed and this being the inaugural season where there’s only 1 team per conference to receive the bye, it’s even more of an advantage to lock up the 1 seed.  Now the Packers will need help in that department, but first things first, beat the Bears.

Bears 17
Packers 34

Season: 7-3
Overall: 62-34

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