Even Match-Up?

Review~ the Packers committed 2 turnovers, although it acted as 3 when you factor in the punt return for a TD.  However, Green Bay couldn’t have played much worse, they still came away with a victory which is more of a show at how poor Jacksonville really is.  The puzzling thing is Jacksonville’s lone victory came against the Colts in week 1…really doesn’t make sense, does it?  Yes, the Jaguars had Gardner Minshew quarterbacking in week 1, and that may have made the difference, but if that’s the case, then Rodgers and Green Bay should have no issue, right?

Preview~ Indy features one of the best defenses in the NFL.  As mentioned above, this team is tough to figure out.  They lost to Jacksonville in week 1, at home.  Then they plastered the Titans (albeit on short rest) last week.  Frank Reich (head coach) has been quite good so far, and has Rivers playing well enough to be 6-3 and looking like a solid, balanced team. 

GB121.4 (11)274.3 (6)395.8 (6)30.8 (3)110.8 (12)225.1 (13)335.9 (9)24.9 (15)
Ind105.8 (20)262.4 (10)368.2 (15)26.9 (14)91.8 (3)198.7 (2)290.4 (1)19.7 (4)

The matchup looks about as even as you could find in the NFL – as far as rankings go.  The Packers present an average defense to battle the average offense of the Colts.  Adversely, the Packers’ offense ranks 3rd in points and faces the 4th defense of the Colts.  This should be as good a test as any that presents Green Bay this season.  Well, this and next week (Chicago, currently 7th) will be great tests, and this is in a dome so no better time to burn a good D than now. 

The experts in the desert show this to be a close game, Indianapolis is favored by 1.5 (as of Friday) with an over/under of 49.  I think the Packers play much better in the dome and get the offense back on track with the return of Lazard. 

Packers 27
Colts 24

Season: 7-2
Overall: 62-33

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