Gearing Up for a Battle? (@ SF this Thursday…)

The prescription the Dr. ordered was the perfect remedy.  The offense got back on schedule and credit goes to the QB for executing it as such.  As the QB goes, so goes the team.  That’s essentially how it’s always been, for any team, any year…key word essentially. 

In Tampa, Rodgers had 2 bad/unfortunate INTs, then mailed it in, as did the remaining 52 (or 45, whatever).  Rodgers executed well in Houston, as did the rest of the team.  While the defense gave up some yards and points, when a stop was an absolute must, it delivered…mainly the Preston Smith tackle of Deshaun Watson on that awful 4th & 1 option call. 

Preview~ Green Bay hung 43 points in Minnesota in week 1.  While those were perfect conditions (dome and no crowd), much should be the same this go around.  The main issue could be the wind (forecast shows 37° and wind up to 26 mph).  Let’s take a look at how these teams rank/match-up:

 Offense Defense
 RushPassTotalPoints RushPassTotalPoints
Min139.2 (6)235.0 (22)374.2 (14)25.8 (17) 129.0 (22)286.7 (29)413.7 (28)32.0 (30)
GB132.2 (10)261.5 (14)393.7 (8)32.8 (2) 117.0 (12)240.3 (18)350.3 (11)26.5 (19)

When the Vikings have the ball, it appears to be an “even matchup.”  Meaning, Minnesota gains about the same amount of yards (and ranks similarly) as the Packers allow.  The major advantage is when the Packers have the ball.  Green Bay catapulted back up the rankings in points scored (previously 1st prior to the horror show in Tampa Bay, but now 2nd with 32.8 points/game).  Keep an eye on the secondary for the Packers.  Raven Greene (S #24) had a quiet nice game and showed his sound tackling.  He helped keep the Texans “in front” of the defense and made them work for every yard.  Darnell Savage is Questionable too, so those are 2 – possibly big – injuries to take note. 

With the return of Kenny Clark, the defense saw a much-needed boost in the middle coupled with the initial play of Kamal Martin (rookie ILB #54) was refreshing to see a ILB both be able to cover AND stick it in the run game.  My cousin had a good comparison, Desmond Bishop.  Which this defense has been missing since his leg injury in 2011.  While I don’t think Martin is on the same level of athletic/thumping ability, he’s far ahead of anyone we’ve had there since.  He also has Kenny Clark who is far better than BJ Raji, and Raji was very good.  The other thing people should notice (if they haven’t already) is Jaire Alexander is a true lockdown corner.  He rarely gets targeted and typically follows, not only, the #1 WR – but he seems to be matched up on the player that’s likely had the play designed to get the ball to…impressive isn’t a strong enough word for his play and improvement since his rookie year.

How can Minnesota come out of Lambeau with a victory?  Winning the turnover battle by at least 2 and have Green Bay come down with key injuries.

Look for more of the same…let’s bury this annoying team/fan base and laugh at their obsession with begging for Captain Average.

Vikings 24
Packers 41

Season: 5-1
Overall: 60-32

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