An Awful Defense…Just What the Dr. Ordered?

It was a great start.  A 10-play 54-yard drive for a FG on the opening drive, followed up by a 3&out by the defense, then an 11-play 80-yard drive for a TD…a 10-0 lead.  The defense then held the Bucs’ again and got the ball back for the rolling offense at their own 22. 

What happened next was chaos, in the worst way.  Consecutive interceptions for touchdowns (well, the 2nd INT wasn’t a TD, but it essentially was).  The offense was never able to recover, and neither was the defense.  This was a prime example as why turnovers typically decide the outcome of games, especially the closer matched both teams are. 

The good news is the Packers are a far better team than the one that took a 38-10 drubbing, and hopefully they’re able to learn as much as possible from it…the bad news, they seemed to quit during the middle of a game that wasn’t out of grasp.  Not sure what to chalk it up to, but sometimes teams lay clunkers, just odd that they got out of the gates hot and had complete control.  On to the next.

What looked like a great match-up heading into the season has turned into a lop-sided one, at least it should be.  Houston, while having a difficult schedule, good/great teams don’t start the season 1-5.  The Texans feature one of the young star-QBs, in Deshaun Watson. 

GB396.6 (7th)32.4 (3rd)347.4 (13th)27.8 (20th)
Hou368.0 (17th)24.3 (21st)424.0 (30th)30.3 (26th)

Green Bay has a heavy advantage on offense vs. the Texans’ defense.  Ranking 3rd in points against Houston’s 26th ranking is where the Packers could potentially (and almost expectedly) could hang 40+ again.  While Green Bay’s defense seems to have taken a step back from last year, their strong suit is to play from ahead and get after the QB.  Without over-thinking it, that’s how I see this game progressing.  The 1st interception last week came after the Packers had 2 incomplete passes on 1st and 2nd downs, and that’s not LaFleur’s offense…with the absence of Aaron Jones, look for Jamaal Williams and rookie A.J. Dillon to get involved early and often, and (hopefully) setting up a lot more play action from under center sets.  It may be the help needed to get Rodgers back on track, since Williams is the preferred back for pass protection – which may be even more crucial depending on Bakhtiari’s status.

No reason to think this won’t be a high-scoring affair, but should be one the better team should come out on top.

Packers 38
Texans 30

Season: 4-1
Overall: 59-32

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