COVID Is Helping?

Well most predictions on this game turned to be true.  The Packers were the better team, by far, and it showed after the extremely slow-start.  Generating your own energy is going to be an asset this NFL season, and there’s no better time to have to play a Prime-Time game at the Superdome in New Orleans than when no fans are allowed.  Even the biggest Packer Backer would have a hard time picking any Green Bay team to come out of there with a W, but maybe not so much.

Review~ again Green Bay got down early to Detroit, by allowing the Lions to march right down the field on their first 2 possessions and build a 14-3 lead in Lambeau.  That was quickly put to an end when Aaron Rodgers (and Chandon Sullivan) led the Packers to 31 unanswered points, which is a true testament to the QB sticking with the playbook and now trying to takeover.  He played another great game, albeit vs. a sub-par opponent, but he did his job.  Aaron Jones further validated his eliteness by taking over with a 75-yard scamper up the middle of the defense.  It’s those homerun-type plays that will allow the Packer offense to keep their opponent off-balance due to the threat of the big play on the ground. 

The defense sorely missed Kenny Clark, as the first 2 drives proved little resistance.  The Packers could have a chance at a Super Bowl if they take the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs’ route by their offense taking over games and seizing all momentum, but it’d be much easier if Green Bay could even show a threat of stopping the fun.  This week will be a great test.

Preview~ New Orleans may have the deepest, and best roster in the NFL.  While you know me, it comes down to the QB, Brees looks every bit of a 41-year old and never had a strong arm to begin with.  Relying on his perfectly timed and accurate passing abilities over arm strength, that and a balanced attack is how they can put up points.  If this gets to a shootout (see SF @ NO last year) I believe it solely falls into the hands of the QB and no QB is playing better than Aaron Rodgers. 

The unforeseen bright spot of this Packers team has been the offensive line.  We knew Bakhtiari and Jenkins were studs (Jenkins may be the most-underrated OL in the NFL), Linsley was solid, but the RG and RT spots were scary ?’s.  After 2 games, and a balanced offense, the OL has not only “held up,” but I’d argue has been one of, if not, the best lines in the entire league.  Look for heavy doses of Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon – on top of the much-anticipated Aaron Jones show – to wear down that Saints’ pass rush and get Rodgers into easy conversions to keep the ball.

There will be a lot of talk about Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara, as there should, but if Rodgers plays remotely effective as to the 1st two weeks, the Packers will win.

Packers 34
Saints 28

Season: 2-0
Overall: 57-31

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