Hit Your Stride…

Review—it’s refreshing to see a QB run the offense.  Rodgers played in rhythm and sync the entire game, and it showed by settling for only 1 punt in 10 possessions.  While the numbers show the Packers passed > rushed, the run was the key for the offense.  It kept the defense off-balance and allowed LaFleur the entire playbook for the entire game.  Where Rodgers truly shined was his timing on his “shots.”  Instead of the adlib and chuck offense, which was done on 1 or 2 plays, the shots taken were at the right time in both game situation and pace of game.  The challenge comes when facing an opponent that doesn’t have an awful secondary with zero pass rush (missing Hunter was huge for them), however kudos is due because he did what he was supposed to do and put op 43 points (easily could’ve been 50 had Adams hung on to the 4th down throw).

The defense on the other hand…well, they dictated the game and gave the offense the opportunity to build a lead, it was good team football until the 4th quarter.  The offense kept punishing the Vikings’ D and the defense couldn’t close it out.  It was wary to see both Savage and Alexander peeking at the QB allowing Thielen (both times) to get behind them for relatively easy touchdowns.  The other part is giving up three 2-pt conversions.  While it mattered not in the result of the game, there’s plenty to work on…and the Packers’ run defense seems to have picked up where it left off in San Francisco in January.

Preview—since Kenny Clark is OUT for the week 2 matchup vs. Detroit, everyone should pick up Adrian Peterson (#28), Kerryon Johnson (#33), and/or D’Andre Swift (#32)—even if Swift is the goat (not the good kind) from last week’s drop vs. Chicago.  The Packers’ rush D gave up 6.1 yards/carry vs. Minnesota and it didn’t look like it was close to stopping anyone.  Be on the lookout if Detroit sticks with the run that this game may actually be tight.

Then again, if Mitch Trubisky can put up 21 unanswered vs Detroit, then what should Rodgers be able to do?  Detroit seems absolutely cursed, just as a franchise.  The prime example(s) should be from both games vs. Green Bay last season.  The Packers never led in either game, yet went 2-0 vs. Detroit.  They have no clue how to win in the regular season, which is just hilarious, however all the more embarrassing if you lose to them.

I don’t see the Packers dropping this one in their home opener, even if fanless.  It’ll likely be tight throughout, for no reason, but I in no way see how Green Bay drops this game.

Lions 27
Packers 38

Season: 1-0
Overall: 56-31

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