Can’t Catch KC at a Better Time

Review~ an overall solid performance from the offense.  The defense created the 1 huge (2 total) turnover(s) at the right time and the offense capitalized on it, and turned it into a 2-for-1 (scoring right before half then getting the ball after half).  Rodgers played about as well as we’ve seen him play.  Not just the stat-line, but he kept the offense in rhythm, both in-and-out of the huddle, but after the snap too.  A few plays he held the ball when Oakland dropped into coverage, but managed to get a few huge plays from that as well.  Hopefully that doesn’t become the norm again, but either way, LaFleur called a brilliant game and the QB executed it about as well as you could have.

The defense did just enough, but the offense really suffocated the Raiders’ offense and put all the pressure on Carr to hang 5+ TDs, which he simply isn’t going to do.  The Raiders “outgained” the Packers by 3 yards with 484 total yards, and looking on a stat line, it was essentially an even game.  The difference being the Raiders’ 2 turnovers took 14 points off the board for them and the Packers converted those turnovers to 14 points of their own.  That momentum is too much to overcome, especially if you’re an inferior opponent.

Preview~ what normally is the toughest place to play, Kansas City, likely (hopefully) won’t be that tonight.  The Chiefs (my Super Bowl Champion pick) are going to be without QB Patrick Mahomes (reigning MVP), DT Chris Jones (solid player), CB Kendall Fuller (solid player), LG Andrew Wylie (starter), and DE Frank Clark (leading pass rusher).  Anti-Packer fans will say the Packers are getting lucky for the 3rd consecutive week (refs vs Detroit, fumble ruling vs Oakland, and now injuries at Kansas City), but knowledgeable Packer fans know this is just another example of something evening out over the past decade + of stuff that Green Bay has endured.

It’s tough to really say what type of opponent the Chiefs will be with, possibly, their top 4 players missing, but they’ll still have their top 3 pass catchers playing in TE Travis Kelce, WR Tyreek Hill, and WR Sammy Watkins.  Those 3 could pose a problem, if Matt Moore can get some time to throw and make some good throws, so again it’s a huge opportunity for the defense to take control of this game and generate some pass rush, and not allow the screens and draws to gash them too bad.

Look for the Packers’ QB to outplay the Chiefs’ QB, especially because the Chiefs defense can’t seem to stop anyone, and since they’re going to be missing their top 3 defenders (Jones, Ford, and Fuller) look for Rodgers to be very productive again.

Packers 31
Chiefs 13

Season: 4-3
Overall: 47-28

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