Detroit Lost- this isn’t news.

While the nation pushes the narrative that the refs dictated the outcome of the game, it’s funny that when the Packers finally benefit from a controversial call, that the nation is up in arms vs. the Fail Mary, Jerry Rice’s fumble, etc. etc., just “ahh it happens, too bad.”

Review~ The Packers played as ugly a game as they could—losing the turnover battle by 3, which is an automatic loss for any team vs any team.  The biggest takeaway I had was the Packers defense “gave up a touchdown,” which couldn’t be confirmed and held Detroit to settle for 5 field goals.  That’s how teams lose, kicking 5 field goals.  The only time I can remember a team winning a game kicking field goals was a Packers @ Cowboys in 1996 where Dallas kicked 7 field goals and won 21-6.  Keep in mind that Dallas team was LOADED, so it said more about the Packers’ D than the ’96 Cowboys.  Either way, the Packers keep showing signs of a good team, winning ugly.  On top of winning ugly, they’re doing it in a balanced manner.

Rodgers, again, managed the game beautifully.  He doesn’t have nearly all of his weapons, which usually makes him a better QB, because he’s forced to hit the open man, check down, throw it away, or take the sack.  Having complete trust in the defense while knowing he can’t force it to any 1 player (because the lack of trust) brings out the best in the QB.  He’s still accurate enough, making 2-3 great throws/game, and extremely careful, is the best balance to win.

Preview~ enter the, better than anticipated, Oakland Raiders.  Oakland is 3-2, coming off a nice win in London over the Bears.  That was a game they controlled for 3.5 quarters, and the half quarter Chicago took control? Scored 21 unanswered points.  The Raiders CAN play, they have a capable QB, solid defense, and rookie running back that is a hard runner with good vision.  If the Raiders win the turnover battle, I doubt they settle for kicking 5 field goals and chuck it deep/in the end zone.  This is a great test/tune-up game for Green Bay.  Oakland is hungry, coming off a bye, and opened some eyes with their win on global television in London over Chicago.  I’d be surprised if the Packers weren’t ready.

Nice pick-up:  Ryan Grant.  For some reason I really love this pick up.  He’s the type of WR many were clamoring for (veteran, sure-handed, good route-running) the last few weeks, and at the right price—gave up nothing.  He should fit well in the slot position, so well that when Adams returns it can be a nice Adams, MVS, and Grant in the 3-WR sets.  That should give LaFleur plenty of ability to open the full playbook, beginning this week.

Check for Aaron Jones to get back on track after his awful performance last week, and for Ryan Grant to get a few targets, maybe 2-5, to get him on the same page with Rodgers.  It may be a “muddy” game, but one that fits the Packers well.

Raiders 17
Packers 27

Season: 3-3
Overall: 46-28

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