Good Quiz Before a True Test?

With a quick turnaround, at home, the advantage completely falls onto the Packers’ side.  The main reason I picked against Green Bay in week 1 is travelling to a good team, on the road, in primetime is a recipe for disaster…add on short rest and it spells even a worse outcome…usually.  This is a good opponent, quality that’s struggling, to gear up for long rest before heading to Dallas to face the best team in the NFC…arguably.

Recap~ Turnovers.  That is all.  That was the difference in this game.  The Packers forced and capitalized on 3 turnovers.  The biggest coming on the 3rd play of the 2nd half, Jaire Alexander snatched the ball from rookie TE Noah Fant (the tight end I would’ve been happy taking in this past year’s draft).  From there the Packers took four plays to punch it in the end zone and assume control of the game.  Otherwise it seemed the Packers were in decent control and should win, but it was a 7 point game and the Broncos driving.  The biggest issue coming away from the game was time of possession.  The turnovers were the ultimate equalizer, but the Packers only had 41% time of possession.  Coming up on a short week, that’s a bit scary.

Preview~ like the previous 2 games, the Packers improved a bit from the game prior on offense, while the defense essentially controlled the entire game AND closed it out.  Again refreshing, and yet again another opponent with a better QB than the week before (although there may not be a difference between Mitch and Cousins).  Carson Wentz has all of the tools and demeanor to come into Lambeau on a wild primtime night and get a victory.  Here’s why that could happen.

  • Philadelphia won the Super Bowl in 2017 and maintains much of that roster.
  • Head Coach (and former Packers backup QB) Doug Pederson isn’t afraid to take risks.
  • They have an all-world defender in Fletcher Cox, on the D-line that gives everyone problems.—However, he’s been almost non-existent this season.
  • They’re pissed coming off a home loss to the Detroit Lions where Patricia’s defense held on at the end of the game.

Now that we’ve covered the major topics, the Packers open up as favorites (as they should) and the injury situation isn’t nearly as bad as recent years, Green Bay should be in the driver’s seat all game and pull out the victory.  To expect the defense to hold the Eagles to < 20 points may be a bit aggressive, defenses usually are gassed on short rest.  The flip side to that is the Packers offense may finally crack the 30 point mark for the first time this season, and they may have to in order to win this game.

Look for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams to get a decent amount of work- at least let’s hope they combine for > 22 carries like they did last week.  Jones was stymied pretty much all day, even the 2 TDs he scored he had to work for.  The opposition may have the same gameplan towards the Packers offense that Mike Pettine takes toward the Packers’ opponents’ offense: make the QB beat you with his arm.  Fortunately for the Packers, again as much as I “criticize” Rodgers for, he’s outplaying his opposing # and he may be good enough again for the 4th straight week.

Like always, take a look at the line of scrimmage and that will dictate who forces more turnovers/negative plays, and which QB ultimately plays better.

Eagles 23
Packers 31

Season: 2-1
Overall: 45-26

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