Opportunity Seized…

Advantage taken, opportunity seized.  It’s refreshing to see a Packers team win because of defense.  While the offense got off to a hot start, it completely vanished—while many will speculate as to why, I’m not sure we’ll know the reason for at least 2-6 more weeks.

Recap ~ Kirk Cousins is still terrible, nothing has changed.  Week 2, like week 1—Rodgers outplayed his opposite number.  The Packers defense has now closed out consecutive games for the first time since 2010 (that’s just going off memory).  The Smith Bros. (they’re not really brothers, FYI) again have reminded us what a nice thing it is to have legitimate pass-rushers at pass rushing positions.  We’ve also seen the secondary for the 2nd straight week essentially lockdown another good receiving corps.  All in all, a great win, just odd that the offense seemed to hit on all cylinders until the scripted plays ran out.

Preview ~ The Denver Broncos also boast a solid defense, and an awesome matchup of premier pass/edge rushers vs. one of the best Tackle-combos in the NFL…Bradley Chubb (#55) and Von Miller (#58) vs. David Bakhtiari (#69) and Bryan Bulaga (#75).  As in the first 2 games, the team that controlled the line of scrimmage controlled the game.  The Packers did just that, hence the 2-0 start, expect more of the same…more so from the Packers’ defensive front vs. the Broncos’ OL, leading Joe Flacco into some risky throws.  The Packers should have a chance to pick-off at least 3 passes, should they catch all 3, ball game.

That’s about it, should be a solidly played defensive game from both teams, but I expect the Packers’ QB to play better than Flacco.

Broncos 13
Packers 24

Season: 1-1
Overall: 44-26

**Should be a good prep for the Eagles on Thursday Night!**

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