The New Guy– impossible to succeed?

The (almost) full rebuild of the Green Bay Packers is complete!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The Packers have essentially gone through a full rebuild in the last 15 months, but have gone about it rather quietly while saying (and fake-showing) they’ve been “going for it.”  They removed Ted Thompson as GM, fired Mike McCarthy from Head Coach, traded players (Haha Clinton-Dix and Ty Montgomery) to ensure draft picks on guys they likely weren’t resigning and have changed their philosophy on building a roster.  The weird part, and why the media keeps asking, is the hierarchy structure in place my President Mark Murphy.

It feels as though the Board of Directors is getting a bit impatient with the Packers and not winning championships, even though they’re printing money, and Murphy seems to be acting out of desperation (usually not a good idea) by taking control of as much as he can, even down to hiring the Head Coach…what’s next, inputting stock on draft picks?  It begs the question, because meddling owners don’t win.  Unless you’re George Steinbrenner and you just pay for talent with blank checks, which even that’s gone by the wayside a bit in baseball.

So here we are, Matt LeFleur, the 15th head coach in Packer history.  He comes with a fairly impressive resume, and an image that the ladies will like.  However, what does this all mean?  Can the Packers win a Super Bowl with Rodgers still at Quarterback?  Possibly, it’ll take a solid draft (or 2), plus the defense to continue to grow under Mike Pettine—whom I believe will keep his job, which might’ve been part of the requirement for the next head coach.  The fun part, is even for fans like me, realists???, this should be somewhat of an exciting time because it’s change.  Nothing had changed for a while, yet the results were still the same, odd ehh?  If you’d like a deep dive into LeFeur’s history, we can go that route, but that may be better saved for post-draft, which will be absolutely essential (aren’t’ they all?) if the Packers have plans on winning a Super Bowl in the next 2 seasons.

That brings me to the whole Expectations item.  Normally I’m the guy with “If you have Aaron Rodgers, and he’s so good, you should win the Super Bowl.”  While true, if he’s that good, which is a whole other topic…but I believe the goal now, with LeFleur having a 4-year deal (5th year option) and Rodgers having 5 years left on his contract, what is the new goal for that window?

2 Super Bowl wins?  I’d argue that’s the minimum, let’s not even bring into account trying to make up for lost opportunities…

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