Thoughts On Rodgers

There should be concern amongst Packer nation that their beloved quarterback has manipulated the organization…again.  The Packers somehow came out roses last time due to Ted Thompson having the wherewithal to draft Aaron Rodgers when 23 other teams decided against it, however he seems to now be the issue—potentially.  Before coming at me (if you have the passion/desire to do so, which would be fun!) let’s take a look at where the Packers sit.

Their tight end, Mercedes Lewis, said last night (or earlier this morning) that Aaron Rodgers would disregard McCarthy’s plays and just run his own, that there was a dysfunction unlike anything he’s ever seen.  And he played for Jacksonville for 12 years…that has me thinking a few things.

Did Rodgers sabotage Mike McCarthy?  Does he think he can run a better offense from the field?  Will the next coach be able to reign him in?  Will the next coach want to?

These are the things swirling through my mind as the Packers continue their search for their 15th head coach (16th if you include Philbin, which I don’t think you do).  After going 6-9-1, which Rodgers started all 16 games and while his stats will say he wasn’t the issue, this was a majority of his mess—the Packers will need to find the best possible coach for them, hit on multiple draft picks AND have quite a few players make the jump from rookies to year 2 (*cough cough Josh Jackson).

It’ll be interesting to see, but this whole thing with Rodgers seeming to have sabotaged the Packers doesn’t sit well with me, ‘nor should it you.  Think, honestly tell yourself, if this were any other player on the Packers would you feel the same?

Just a thought.  Thanks for reading.

Finished 43-25…just for score-keeping 🙂

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