Don’t Mess this Up by Winning.

The Good—they actually did it!  The Packers mailed it in and lost to arguably the worst team in the NFL.  The bad news is since firing Mike McCarthy, it seems as though that’s rejuvenated this team and they may come out and actually win.  Since trading the quarterback in the offseason isn’t happening, ‘nor would I want to now since his value is low, the best thing for the franchise is to lose the remaining 4 games, get better draft position in each round and hit a complete reset.  Keep in mind Green Bay holds the Saints’ 1st round draft pick in this coming draft (trading back so New Orleans could take pass-rusher Marcus Davenport, whom many predicted Green Bay to initially select), but the Saints are looking like they’ll have a very late draft pick, so it’ll be closer to the 30th or later.  If Green Bay can lose out, that would put them in likely in the top 6 as they’d currently be selecting 10th.  Many believe with Rodgers at QB and a new head coach, this team could realistically compete next year and if that’s the case, the higher the draft choice the higher the chance that pick will contribute to that “success.”

While many may think losing out isn’t a good idea, regardless of what the team will be trying to do, they obviously have lost quite a few games to bad teams, only have 4 wins through 12 games, and are essentially eliminated from the playoffs—this team is flat out bad and hopefully that continues for the last month of the season for the betterment of the organization.

The Bad—the Packers are in search of a new head coach, and while that’s good (change was needed, and I was a McCarthy backer for years, still don’t mind the guy, but change was needed) Green Bay finds itself in a position of needing to a. Find a really good NFL head coach (difficult already) and b. Find one that will reign in Rodgers and gain his respect.  These seem like difficult tasks all because of the absurd contract extension given to the QB earlier this season which leads to…

The Ugly—the main issue seems to be the structure of the hierarchy of the front office.  President Mark Murphy still has his nose in every single football move and while they believe/say 17 other franchises have a similar structure, I can’t remember any of them actually winning or consistently winning with said structure.  Meddling owners are as bad a situation that can be asked for in sports.  All of this leads me, and possibly some others, to why Rodgers received the highest contract in NFL history.  It’s tough for me to imagine a new General Manager, with all the leverage, giving more $ to a player they already had under control for another 5 seasons.  This screams a move dictated (intentionally used this word) from a meddling owner.  Murphy’s main objective is to make money, however when fans don’t show up and leave empty seats in Lambeau, especially with a ¼ the season left, it’s embarrassing…owners don’t like that, it hurts their pride, regardless if they’re making money because the opportunity looks as though they could’ve made more.

There’s potentially the issue that the Packers won’t get back to winning A Super Bowl, let alone multiple Super Bowls (true objective) until a new President takes over and turns the football operations to someone that should be in control of football operations.  That would mean even more losing before winning, which may be tough to swallow, but this is a probable serious mess that might take some time to clean, but it’s the bed that’s been made.

Atlanta Falcons—here’s another team that has quite a bit of talent and is used to making the playoffs, but has completely underwhelmed as well.  It’s tough to point to why Atlanta has struggled so much this season, then again, who cares?  That’s their problem.  The Packers are favored by about a touchdown, yet it would behoove both teams to lose this game.  I’ve looked up the stats and whatnot, but what’s the point?  These are two bad teams playing for nothing other than a few fringe guys to put good tape for their future employers to view.

There’s an opportunity for Green Bay to get their young kids some meaningful live action snaps/experience, e.g. J’Mon Moore, who’s only played a handful of snaps all season.  There should also not be much frustration viewed from any of the Packers as this is the bottom of the barrel and is the new normal for this season…get the kids some snaps so they can develop and as painful as it is for a Packer fan to say- it’s as obvious to see how important a loss would help in the long-term.

Falcons 24
Packers 27

40-24: glad I was wrong; hopefully it happens again 🙂

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