The Worst Opponent the Packers could ask for…

As it should come to no true Packer fans’ surprise, they came up and choked in the spotlight, vs an average QB, on the road, again.  The frustrating part is this was yet another team effort that resulted in a loss.  From the President of the Packers (Murphy, there’s that name again), to the GM (Gutekunst, still not much blame since he just took over), to the Head Coach, to the Quarterback.  This 4-headed monster keeps rearing its ugly head and finally the media is beginning to take serious (descriptive) notice.

There were 3 articles (as of Friday, Nov 30th) calling out the rift between McCarthy and Rodgers and both are to blame (Bob McGinn, Andy Benoit, and Kalyn Kahler).  Many of you whom know me and have conversed with me know that I’m all for blowing this whole thing up.  Fire McCarthy, allow Gutekunst to bring in his own coach, trade Aaron Rodgers (although now his value is as low as it has been) and start over with a bunch of draft picks and cap space.  However, since the Packers just made #12 the highest paid player in NFL history, there’s no chance he gets dealt.  So now what?  The Head Coach still needs to go, but that then give Rodgers even more “power” as it seems quite obvious he’s been attempting to usher Mac out of the door for quite some time.  This is the boat the Packers are in.  They have the most-talented (there goes that word again, almost meaningless) QB in history, but with a huge issue…and if the next head coach isn’t the perfect fit, none of this will matter.  Couple that with still needing a top 5 defense (in points) in order to win a Super Bowl, let alone 2+ (which should be the minimum standard at this point) in the next 5 years, seems like a tall order.

Where do the Packers stand right now?  In the grand-scheme/big-picture…not good—but in the current season they sit as the 10th seed in the NFC (of 16 total, a joke), but currently would hold the 12th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.  If you’re one of those hopefuls that believe there’s a chance at the playoffs (8%), more importantly to win the Super Bowl (<1%) is far less-likely.

Playoffs: win each of the remaining games, 5-0.  Highly unlikely, as well as get a TON of help from 5 other teams/scenarios.  Again, if the Packers want to do things correctly, as tough as it would be, you should be happy with losses to help increase the draft picks as well as seal the fate of Mike McCarthy, since the Quarterback isn’t going anywhere.

Review—the Packers showed they’re right on par with Minnesota, however found a way to lose, which looked very lazy, but what should’ve been to no one’s surprise.  There were quite a few opportunities to win the game, but in the end Minnesota wanted the game more, which again, was a good thing since it’d take “lottery-winning-odds” for this Packer team to win the Super Bowl.

Preview—enter the worst team in the NFL, err…maybe 2nd worst (behind the Packers?) the Arizona Cardinals.  They feature an aging legend in Larry Fitzgerald (stand-up citizen) and a rookie QB with high potential (Josh Rosen).  Arizona also features a top tier HB in David Johnson and CB in Patrick Peterson, aside from those 4 there’s not much to see with this Cardinals team.  This is as guaranteed a Win that the Packers have had in a while.  Arizona brings nothing to the table that would either be scary to beat Green Bay ‘nor a reason to head to Lambeau to watch these 2 crap teams.

Match-up—see below, the parenthesis are ranks in the NFL

Offense Defense
Total Pass Rush Points Total Pass Rush Points
Arizona 232.5 (32) 155.2 (32) 77.3 (32) 14.1 (32) 364.6 (19) 219.8 (4) 144.8 (30) 26.6 (26)
Green Bay 385.6 (10) 279.3 (7) 106.4 (21) 24.0 (17) 355.2 (13) 232.3 (10) 122.9 (23) 24.3 (16)


  Total Pass Rush Yds/point point vs matchup Points
Ari 293.9 193.8 100.1 16.5 15.6 18.9
GB 375.1 249.6 125.6 16.1 14.9 25.2

As you can see there’s really no advantage Ari has coming into this matchup.  The other factor is the recently found motivation that Randall Cobb said Rodgers apparently has taken since the national and local media has begun to blame him as much as McCarthy for failure this season- begs the question If Rodgers begins to light it up and play “normal,” why did it take this long and for others to motivate him?

Cardinals 20
Packers 31

40-23: now the switch has happened and hopefully I’m wrong again, for the greater good.


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