This Team Made the Playoffs???

Can’t say that I’m surprised.  Minnesota isn’t that good of a team, didn’t play well, and still came into Lambeau and won…that should tell everyone how bad this Packers team is.  It’s not being negative if it’s true, is it?  The offense still is inept, the in-fighting is growing by the day, and the respect seems to have been lost for the head coach.  Its apparent McCarthy has lost the team and he must go, regardless of the outcome of this season – barring a miracle Super Bowl victory.  Yes I’m advocating firing Mike McCarthy even if the Packers somehow reach the Super Bowl but lose, winning championships are all that matter.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t innocent in this hot mess either.  His lack of respect and indirect calling out of his head coach are the acts of a spoiled child not getting his way.  Is he wrong?  Probably not.  Is there a better way to handle it?  Of course.  For someone that claims to hold himself to a high-standard, and a person who is intelligent in many areas, he’s failed in almost all of them this year – on and off the field.  Maybe this is a larger issue for a different day, likely the offseason when nothing else is going on.  Plus I’m sure this is a touchy subject, holding the star QB accountable for anything.

Review – as stated above the Vikings didn’t play a great game, hell credit the Packers’ defense for giving Bridgewater and their offense fits all game.  However, the Packers’ offense continues to lose games for this team which is tough to comprehend for most.  The first 8 possessions of this game resembled last week’s pathetic output, mustering 3 points and leaving no time to mount a comeback versus a beatable team in a divisional championship game, AT HOME!  There’s no time to breakdown specific players but maybe next year if it calls for it.

Preview – Washington is the surprise team of the NFL, for those not counting how awful this Packers team is when most thought they’d be Super Bowl champions (like yours truly).  The Redskins finished the season ranked 17th in total offense and 28th in total defense – compare that to Green Bay’s (23rd and 15th, respectively) and it’d appear this to be a great matchup.  Kirk Cousins (Was QB) was the most accurate passer in the NFL, a spot mostly reserved for Aaron Rodgers, and there are matchup nightmares spread across Washington’s offense couple that with the possibility of Green Bay going to battle without their top 2 cornerbacks (Sam Shields and Damarious Randall) and this could be a huge issue.  Players to watch for when Washington has the ball, the battering ram combo of Matt Jones and Alfred Morris out of the backfield, Desean Jackson (a speedy WR), and Jordan Reed (possibly the 2nd most dynamic TE in the NFL – behind Gronk of course).   All present problems to Green Bay, but very plausible to think they can be slowed, if not stopped.  The Packers’ Defense has shown up in the second half of the season and is improving week by week, outside of the Arizona game.  The Packers have shown a propensity to be an elite defense if facing an average to below-average QB.  People in Washington are waiting for the “Bad Cousins” to show as he’s overdue.  Let’s hope he does.  The Redskins’ defense is opportunistic but can be had…however no one should have confidence in the Packers offense at this point.

This could be another game like last week where it’s two “playoff-caliber” teams that just aren’t all that good…either team could win.  After seeing the consistency of the Packers not being able to get first downs, let alone score, I fear more of the same.

Packers 13
Redskins 24

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