They Are Who We Thought They Were.

Review – This game went according to plan.  Just a blowout from start to finish.  As I pointed out multiple times this season, the Packers’ offense is an absolute joke.  In a week 11 bout v. Detroit, the Packers punted on 9 consecutive possessions.  The first 8 possessions of this game for the Packers began like this:

Kneel down (end of half)

Pretty much par for the course when facing a legitimate opponent.  The Cardinals outclassed the Packers at every position, as predicted.  The most apparent mis-match is at Head Coach.  I’ve long-backed McCarthy but Bruce Arians is quite possibly the best coach in the NFL and adapts to his personnel, whereas Mac’s stubbornness comes into play and doesn’t adapt and continues to bash his head against a wall.  The Cardinals did what they were supposed to do as any legit Super Bowl contender will do to this Packer team, beat the crap out of them and in my eyes Arizona didn’t even play all that well.

Preview – The only reason to believe the Packers can/will beat Minnesota on Sunday night is because they had already beaten them, otherwise I’m not sure how anyone can make a case for this Packers team to beat any playoff team as it stands now.  The Vikings have struggled in certain games but have showed up as well, they’re a growing team that is trending in the proper direction but just are inconsistent as young teams usually are.  The Packers will likely struggle to move the ball with any consistency but are used to being in division-clinching games whereas the Vikings will be treating this bigger than it is, per usual.  If BJ Raji is out that may mean Adrian Peterson will run wild, one can almost guarantee he’ll surpass his 45 yard output from their last meeting, which means this game could swing either way, but it should be close.

What’s Next? – There are a few scenarios coming into week 17 that Packer fans should keep an eye on.  However, being that this team just isn’t good the outcomes don’t matter.  It’s damn near impossible for this team to advance past the divisional round of the playoffs.  In no way can the Packers play at home v Min then hit the road and play Carolina, which would set up the best-case scenario for reaching the Super Bowl.  It’s possible the best solution would be for the Packers to lose this Sunday, get the 5 seed, travel to Washington to play the wild card game, then somehow have Minnesota beat Seattle in Minneapolis to advance to play Arizona and the Packers would then travel to Carolina.  After that the Packers should then root for the Vikings to down the Cardinals (they almost beat them a few weeks back), then Green Bay would travel to Minnesota for the NFC title game.  That’s the easiest route and one that’s borderline hilarious because of how bad this Packers team has performed, and quite frankly just IS that they’re in a position to root for certain scenarios to play out.  Regardless, with everything just laid out I believe the Packers will win and have to face Minnesota again next week in a Wild Card game at Lambeau Field (due to Arizona winning v Seattle Sunday). They’ll likely win again then have to trek out to Arizona to take a beating like the one that just occurred, but before we get ahead of ourselves, this is supposed to be therapeutic and “positive,” right coach?


Vikings 24
Packers 27

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