Jaire Alexander (#23) does the Griddy, Justin Jefferson’s (#18) trademark TD dance – after breaking up a 2nd down pass attempt.

Following the play pictured above, Justin Jefferson, and the Vikings, weren’t the same. The game got out of hand after the Vikings blocked the Packers’ first punt attempt of the game and took over possession at Green Bay’s 1-yard line. Minnesota netted -1 yards in the ensuing 3 plays, leaving them to settle for a field goal. The ensuing kickoff gave the Packers – starring upstart return man, Keisean Nixon – all the momentum needed to catapult to a decisive victory over their archrival.

The key to the blog title was the Deion Sanders-like trash-talk (and more importantly, play) by Jaire Alexander. The Packers’ (and NFL’s) top cornerback held Justin Jefferson to just 1 catch for 15 yards on 5 targets. Truly amazing. Since then, Justin Jefferson went into hiding. In addition, the Minnesota faithful have gone into full “blame anything” mode instead of just admitting their team is the worst 12-win team in NFL history. Gotta love fans, it’s never their teams’ issues, obviously the refs were on the side of the Packers. You know, like Jaire should’ve been penalized for doing the Griddy, but it’s ok for Jefferson to…do the Griddy. Nevermind the fact that following Adrian Amos’ interception, Jefferson took his helmet off (unsportsmanlike), then jammed it into the back of a ref (another unsportsmanlike), all while on the field of play. Naw, it’s cool…I mean, aside from Minnesota being outplayed in literally every aspect of the game, they were the better team and should’ve won.

The best one yet, was a fan on Reddit posted about his conspiracy theory the Packers watered the middle of the field to slow down the Vikings, and obviously would…only…affect the Vikings. There’s another one, at least that I’ve been aware of…the NFL colluded with the Packers to, wait, unfairly schedule their last 2 games to be played at Lambeau Field. These are just the ones of which I’m aware.

I bring all of these up as a fan base of a 12-4 team, that’s won 11 one-score games, should be feeling great to have a shot at 2-seed and possibly host 3 playoff games. Now, they’re justifying why they’re going to lose Wild Card weekend – because the NFL isn’t fair. Hopefully Packer nation never forgets this and brings it up every single time Vikings fans make any comment about anything, ever.

Review~ the defense was amazing, at least when the starters played. They forced 4 turnovers, scoring 28 points off of them. A far cry from the 6 points off 3 Tampa Bay turnovers in the 2020 NFC title game loss. Or far more than the – stop me if you’ve heard this before – 6 points of FIVE turnovers in the OT loss to Seattle in the 2014 NFC title game. Turnovers are great, but as they’re momentum snatchers – if you don’t capitalize on them, the momentum swings back to the other team for escaping casualty.

How did Green Bay score those 4 touchdowns? By sticking to the run game, again. Out of the 61 total plays, the Green & Gold rushed 33 times for 163 yards. They won the time of possession by a wide margin, yet again. These are great signs for a team that must win the Super Bowl in order to consider this season anything better than a failure – run the ball and play great defense.

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