Love It.

Review~ 3 main factors came from the Game of the Year:

  1. Gameplan—absolutely brilliant.  It was so good that it wasn’t executed all that well, but it was such a good plan that if the 7 plays within the Cardinals’ 3-yard line netted more than 3 points, this would’ve been a Packers decisive victory.
    1. Of the 72 total plays, 34 were rush attempts (56% of the total yards)
      1. Aaron Jones had 22 touches (26 targets), 110 yards, 1 TD
      1. A.J. Dillon: 16 touches; 78 yards
  2. Time of Possession.  Green Bay held the ball for 37:35 compared to Arizona’s 22:25. Sure Arizona had a chance to steal a victory at the end, had the Touchdown stood on that Packers’ last drive and/or they just pounded A.J. Dillon a bunch on any/all of those 7 plays within the Cardinals’ 3-yard line, this is a 10 to 14-point Packer victory.
  3. Game Decider: +3 on the turnover ledger. 
    1. Muffed punt resulted in 3 points (easily should’ve been 7).
    1. Henry Black INT on the 1st possession of the 2nd half resulted in a TD toss to Cobb.
    1. INT in the end zone by newly found hero, Rasul Douglas (#29).

Preview~ well, to borrow the phrase from sports radio host, Steve Czaban, “We get a ‘Sneak Peek’ into the future.”  This is an almost ideal situation for Jordan Love to gain some much-needed experience.  It’s a regular season game, a big one, coming off a bunch of rest (Thu night previous game), heading into a marquee matchup against, quite possibly, the hungriest team in the NFL.  Let’s see what the kid can bring…

It’s a No-Lose scenario for Green Bay.

  1. Green Bay has their backup QB playing, who’s never started.
  2. Kansas City is hungry and needs to begin winning games.
  3. Since the Packers aren’t supposed to win, a victory would send yet another message to the entire league – also, if Love can pull out a W in Arrowhead against Mahomes, that would be something.
  4. If Love struggles, so what…he’s technically supposed to…see, “Can’t Lose Scenario.”

Highlighting off the above, Kansas City ain’t right.  Something is off and it’s tough to point just to the horrid defense.  Mahomes has been a turnover machine and if those 2 things keep up, the Packers very well could come out of there with a victory. 

As stated above, the Packers are coming off an extended week of rest from their Thursday night game, and Kansas City is on short rest after struggling mightily with the awful Giants on Monday night. 


2021GB Off.vs.KC D
Rush108.1 (17) 121.8 (22)
Pass229.4 (22) 269.8 (25)
Total337.5 (22) 3916.5 (29)
Points24.0 (16) 27.5 (25)
 GB Def.vs.KC O
Rush115.0 (17) 116.8 (14)
Pass216.8 (6) 296.1 (5)
Total331.8 (7) 412.9 (4)
Points20.9 (9) 26.0 (9)

While Green Bay’s offense isn’t high-ranking (mostly due to the week 1 No Show), it still has the advantage in every category vs. Kansas City’s dreadful Defense.  There’s an obvious difference in the Packers’ offense this week, but if they keep with the run game, win the time of possession AND turnover battle (just like in Arizona last week), Green Bay should come out on top. 

Kansas City’s offensive line is still giving them issues dating back to Super Bowl LV when Tampa harassed Patrick Mahomes.  If the Packers can generate a pass rush with 4-5 whilst keeping the run game in check – side note: Kansas City averages 24.2 rush attempts/game which ranks 21st – so rushing the passer and defending the homerun ball becomes paramount.  Make Kansas City be patient and methodically drive down the field (that’s actually the best formula to defend any team not quarterbacked by Tom Brady) and there will be quite a few mistakes made, just be sure to catch the INT and fall on the loose ball when the opportunity arises.

GB14 (T-3rd)6 (T-3rd)8 (3rd)
KC8 (T-19th)19 (32nd)(11) (32nd)

Seeing the turnover differential is the main component as to why the Kansas City Chiefs are 4-4, and if they weren’t so talented could easily be 2-6…or worse.

To steal another one of Czabe’s phrases from this week (and I’m paraphrasing), “You’re gonna see (Love) make a boneheaded play, just dumbfounded play.  You’re gonna see a delay of game (surprise, we have that already with 12- that’s my line 😊).  However, you’re gonna see an example of (Love’s) arm talent.  The Packers are gonna hang and bang with the Chiefs.  It’ll be close.”

I thought that was a great take on what to “expect” in a game where I can’t imagine anyone has a true/good feeling as of what’ll take place.  I was off on last week’s prediction, but was thoroughly impressed with Rodgers’ commitment and execution of the gameplan—and he didn’t execute it all that well (LaFleur will get judged by me for not pounding Dillon every play, let alone once on the 7 goal line plays), but still overall great plan.

The fan in me tells me Green Bay pulls this out.  The realist in me tells me Mahomes and the Chiefs are too good and too desperate to drop a game to a QB making his first career start in Arrowhead.  Then again, desperation can lead to great play and it can lead to a boat load of mistakes.

Packers 24
Chiefs 27

*I have no clue as to how this will turn out.  I’d be shocked at nothing, in terms of outcome or how Love performs.  Hopefully he tears it up!  He could…so some may say I’m claiming this as to “Not be wrong,” but I’ll say “There’s no way I could be right, I think I covered everything.”

Season: 5-3
Overall: 74-39

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