Worth Watching?

After all the talk of the Last Dance Tour stopped (about mid-3rd quarter), it feels as if the entire season came to a crashing (realization) halt.  Are they able to correct a few things and blast Detroit?  Sure, Detroit is terrible, a classic no-win scenario for the Packers, other than an opportunity to improve and work on some things.

While New Orleans is a good team, the Packers would’ve lost to any of the other 31 teams in the NFL with that effort – or lack thereof.  It’s a throwaway tape, not really anything to watch.  Elgton Jenkins looked good at LT, as did AJ Dillon running ball…on all 4 carries.  He did average 4.8 yards/carry, and a lot of those yards came after contact, and during contact.  Green Bay needs to have Dillon and Aaron Jones combine for 35+ touches/game.  An ideal mark would be 40, which would mean committing to the run and not checking out of it. 

The offense resembled the 2018 offense when it was full-on backyard football—the QB just doing whatever the hell he wanted.  Results were similar, shocking to some.

Defense was soft as well, playing 8+ yards off the ball, not sure why—it did resemble a 4th preseason game.  Sure, other organizations didn’t have those issues, however maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t have hurt to get some starters in live action when the opportunity presented itself.  Fear can cripple.

Preview~             Typically I’d go through the previous seasons’ stats/rankings for an opponent in week 2, however Detroit had such turnover – they’re such a different team altogether that it wouldn’t make sense.  With that said, they’re still terrible…yet showed fight and effort when getting blasted by San Francisco, at home, and had a chance to send it to OT.  Meanwhile, our guys gave up…one never showed up.

Sadly, regardless what happens, until this team gets tested again (possibly in week 3 @ San Francisco) we likely won’t learn a whole lot.

Lions 27

Packers 34

Season: 0-1

Overall: 69-37

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