Who’s At Fault This Year?

Maybe my longest hiatus…however, while there was a ton going on within the NFL, particularly our QB, everyone seems to be (finally) flipping on him – in some manner.  As always, I do the schedule grid, meaning I go through all 17 games of each of the 32 teams so each win/loss coincides with their opponents.  This makes it tough to truly guess/predict a specific team’s (or all of them) record, but it’s meant for particular matchup and really seeding into the playoffs. 

The main question for Packer Nation is: Whose fault will it be this year?  We know it’s not #12’s, because he’s immune to blame- even though he’s the biggest choke in the game not-named Matt Ryan.

Here are the results of the grid:

AFC North   NFC North  
4Baltimore1163Green Bay125
AFC South NFC South 
3Tennessee116Tampa Bay143
Indianapolis98New Orleans98
AFC East NFC East 
6New England116NY Giants611
NY Jets314Philadelphia314
AFC West NFC West 
1Kansas City143San Francisco134
7LA Chargers107Arizona116
Las Vegas107LA Rams98
Denver89 Seattle89

And the playoffs with the rankings, and match-ups:

Wild Card
LA Chargers@Buffalo
New Orleans@San Francisco
New England@Tennessee
LA Rams@Green Bay
Arizona@Tampa Bay
Green Bay@San Francisco
Baltimore@Kansas City
San Francisco@Tampa Bay
Tennessee@Kansas City
Super Bowl
Tampa Bayvs.Tennessee

Short and sweet.  There’s about a 33% chance of picking the correct Super Bowl winner if you choose Tom Brady.  Might as well.  As for the Packers, they’re a solid team, possibly the best roster in the NFL—tough to overcome when the QB requires the best defense in the NFL and pick-6’s at the right times as well as complete momentum shifts (again, all from the defense) to win a NFC title game, let alone a Super Bowl.

Crown they asses.

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