Practice (Allen Iverson’s voice) for the Playoffs?! (Jim Mora’s voice)

Green Bay did what was needed, handled a far inferior team.  It got a little close for comfort there after the punt return for 6 (special teams has been atrocious so far, and must be remedied before January).  If you’ve been reading with, or know, me you see that QB-play is essentially the difference between winning and losing, regardless of regular season vs. postseason.  Not just stats, but overall marching the offense down the field and making key plays at key times.  Rodgers has, in each of the 9 wins, been magnificent, but in the 3 losses can point to key points where the offense has failed.  In last week’s game, Rodgers was once again, very solid.

Review~ notice when Philly got back into the game, the Packers’ offense went 3 & out on consecutive drives, much like the Colts game when up 28-17 in the 3rd quarter, the offense could’ve iced the game (either by taking over momentum or building a large enough lead, late OR both).  Also, the offense did a fine job closing the game with a complete team-like effort on Aaron Jones’ 77-yard TD.  What’s needed for that type of run?  Downfield blocking, and you’ll notice both MVS and Bakhtiari blocking downfield the entire way, hell, Bakhtiari damn near beat everyone to the end zone (I guess he reached almost 17 mph)!  You get that type of effort in January (hopefully in Lambeau), this team will be impossible to beat.  It’s pretty safe to say that as long as the offense limits 3 & outs and doesn’t turn the ball over, they can’t be beaten.  The offense is too good…the defense, well…it should be good enough if the offense continues to be who they are…

Since entering my 20’s, I’ve gone from a players fan to a team fan.  What I mean by that is player accomplishments are meaningless to me—aka Rodgers winning MVP is moot as I’d rather the team win the Super Bowl, because what good is a player winning MVP if the team doesn’t win a title?  You know the answer, aside from dividing a fan base due to arguing, nothing.  Rodgers is, however, playing at an MVP-level and it’s reflected on the team’s record.  He was near flawless again, as was Adams and the offensive line in this game vs. Philly, let’s keep it rolling.

Preview~ travelling to Detroit always seems to be an issue.  Hell, even the last 3 games vs. Detroit (regardless of venue) the Packers have come out quite sluggish.  Keep in mind, last year the Packers never lead in all 120 minutes of game action vs. the Lions, but Mason Crosby field goals as time expired gave them 2 victories.  Earlier this year, the Packers got down early, 14-3.  This was due to Detroit committing early to the run, then for (what bad teams do) some reason, abandoning attacking the Packers’ weakness and allowed Green Bay to gain a rhythm and completely takeover the game—scoring an unanswered 31 points with a pick-6 by Chandon Sullivan. 


Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur should be salivating at this matchup, again.  The Packers are going to see one of the worst defenses in the entire league, in a dome, sans fans.  This should resemble a 7-on-7 practice for Rodgers.  Look for Green Bay to get healthy, experience, and rolling heading into the most important part of the season.  Tavon Austin should get some playing time with Tyler Ervin hitting IR again, as well as John Runyan possibly starting without having to see all-world DT Fletcher Cox.  Usually, the Packers come out foggy at Detroit, and struggle.  While it’s a division rival (as are all of Green Bay’s division opponents), this Detroit team has gone through a Coach firing, injuries, and just don’t know how to close out games (aside from last week at Chicago, which was hilarious). 

Look for Green Bay to keep running and getting (hopefully) A.J. Dillon some reps as he comes off the Covid list, he could be a key cog down the stretch, a bruising runner in the cold is always welcome.

Current Standing~ after getting a little help from the Giants (beat Seattle), the Packers sit alone in the 2nd seed, as of now.  Keep in mind, should Green Bay win out, then New Orleans would only have to drop 1 game for Green Bay to obtain the very important 1 seed.  This week, we’re rooting for Philadelphia to best the Taysom Hill-led Saints…Jalen Hurts is getting the start for the Eagles and it may just be enough of a spark for a needed upset.

Packers 34
Lions 21

Season: 9-3
Overall: 64-34

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